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Skype for Modern Windows 2.5: Get Closer to People and Hear Less Noise

Today we have released Skype for modern Windows version 2.5. With this version we focused on improving your contacts experience and adjusting sounds.

Here’s what’s new:

  • New add people option– we’ve added the ability to add contacts from the people page. To add someone, just select the icon below, type in a name, email address, Microsoft account or SkypeID. Additionally, just like before, you can add people directly from search or when swiping the command bar.

Windows 2.5 release image

  • Who’s available? – if you wish to sort your people list just by those who are online, you can always see who’s available by selecting people and then toggling between the options for all and available (hint: most icons and menus are selectable in Windows 8.1). With this release, we also made this view accessible for people who have less than 20 contacts.
  •  A little silence please – like a little quiet? We’ve turned off IM sounds for your current conversation so you can get some peace of mind. This will not affect sounds for new instant messages you’re getting from other people. If you liked the in conversation sounds and want to turn them back on, you can go to Share Charm>>Settings>>Options>> Mute IM Sounds in current chat and toggle to No.To share your feedback or to get the latest news and tips, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and join us on the Skype Community.

    Supported operating systems: Windows 8.1.

    For latest Skype features and a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8.0 please see instructions here.

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