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Football Legends Predict Super Bowl Winners

Being a sports buff, I was excited when Skype and Microsoft invited me to interview an elite group of football legends at Sports Illustrated’s MVP night. Football superstar Lynn Swann hosted an extraordinary evening featuring three of the all-time greatest big game players — including Joe Montana, Joe Namath and Marcus Allen — along with Sports Illustrated/The MMQB Hall of Fame Sportswriter Peter King. At the event, this impressive group invited guests to be a part of an intimate conversation in which they reminisced about their careers and provided insight about this year’s Super Bowl game.

But first, before the conversation began, the guests had to walk the red carpet, where I was stationed. Of course, the first question I asked was their forecast for Sunday: Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks?

Lynn Swann: “I never pick scores. I think Seattle will win. I’m not always right, but there you have it.”

Super Bowl - Lynn Swann

Peter King: “Denver, 27-24. I’m not crazy about the pick. I mean, it could really go in a 100 different directions. I don’t think either one of these teams are capable of blowing out the other.”

Super Bowl - Peter King

Not only did they share their Super Bowl predictions, but they also told me some of the ways they use Skype in their daily lives.

Swann: “I’ll use it in the office to conduct meetings, when I can’t get someplace. It’s become a great tool, especially during the winter, when weather gets bad and you are supposed to be at a meeting someplace. You could be at the airport on lockdown, and you can Skype there.”

King: “We are fortunate enough at my website, the MMQB, that most Thursdays, we did a Skype interview with a player or coach in the league. And it was funny seeing some people who weren’t Skype users adapt to the hype of Skype. And it was so much fun to do. Like, Mark Zimmer, who is now a coach of the Vikings, was defensive coordinator of Cincinnati, looks up to me and said, ‘Hey Peter, I can see you. That’s really cool.’”

The night was surreal and I’m still pinching myself at the fact that I chatted with some of the most famous players in football history. And the MVPs all even provided me condolences when they heard I was a Cleveland Browns fan!

Thanks Skype and Microsoft for an experience of a lifetime!

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