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5 Questions for Fitness & #MilSO blogger HippyFitMom

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It may seem counter-intuitive, but parenthood can be time of great loneliness, especially for many stay-at-home mothers. Add in the frequent relocations of military families and you will start to understand how Amber Turner was feeling when she started her blog HippyFitMom.


Since then, Amber’s video blogs have chronicled her path to overcoming the challenges of isolation. And her Skype Video Call interviews have showcased the stories of many other inspiring women. We caught up with Amber to learn more about what makes HippyFitMom tick:

1) Tell us your goal in creating HippyFitMom.

I set out to create a site that offers hope to mothers and wives like me. My husband is in the Air Force and was deployed to Afghanistan just days after our wedding. We now have two children and have moved with the Air Force to the tiny town of Massena, New York – far from my friends and family in Georgia.

At first, my husband was doing recruiting duty and working crazy hours. I was depressed and felt very alone. I decided to create a tool for conversations and advice about the situations and thoughts that we experience as mothers, wives, and daughters.

2) How did you decide to interview women over Skype Video Calls?

Originally, my site was written blogs. But, with two young children, it was hard to get the undivided time to focus on writing. I found that I could get my point across quickly on video and I fell in love with it.

I soon became interested in doing interviews with women who inspired me. There’s a barrier when you’re interviewing over the phone. Seeing body language and facial expressions on Skype adds a whole different level. Skype was also a natural choice as it seems like all military families already use it to stay in touch.

3) How would you describe the theme of your interviews?

I am focused on fitness and motherhood and learning to love yourself. I always look for stories or tips that help people be bigger and better.

I especially like to do motivational interviews with women who have overcome challenges or are working to overcome them. My barometer for a good story is asking myself, “What would I be interested to learn about?”

4) What are your future goals for HippyFitMom?

I came from a place of self-hate and not being secure with who I was. And I am not perfect now by any means, but it has taken me a lot to get to this healthier place where I am a better mother, a better wife, friend, and daughter.

I’ve learned a lot in the process and I want to keep helping people to have more tools to be happier and healthier in their personal lives. As a community, we need to support one another and make sure people know how to become their better selves.

5) We have to ask, why Hippy?

I have my own style and am into the natural, holistic lifestyle. That’s not exactly common in the military. People always called me a hippy. Eventually, I decided to embrace it and the rest is history.

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