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Managing Skype Notifications for Restful Moments

This age of information we find ourselves in is nothing if not wonderful. Whatever your interests and whoever your friends are, they’re never any further than the tips of your fingers. Sometimes, though, the flow of information can all become a little too much to handle. In those moments you’ll be glad to know there are a few ways to control your notifications from Skype for Windows desktop.

Of course if you have the opposite feeling and could use more information, why not pop into the Skype Community and get involved in the discussion with other Skype users?

Control your notifications for certain events

First up, you can control the notifications you get for different types of events such as instant messages or your friends going on or offline. These settings will apply to all of your contacts so they’re a quick way to make big changes.

Options menu for notifications

To change your event notifications:

  1. Open Skype.
  2. Go to Tools > Options.
  3. Select Notifications.
  4. Tick or un-tick events to suit you and select Save.

Use Do Not Disturb for short periods of notification silence

If you just need a short break from the bustle of the world, why not set your status to Do Not Disturb? Not only will this let your friends know that you’re otherwise occupied, it will also stop you from receiving notifications until you change it back to Online.

To change your status simply click the green icon next to your name in Skype and select Do Not Disturb.

Tip: If Skype is open you can also hover over the window on your Windows taskbar and select the red Do Not Disturb icon.

Hover over

Use chat commands for noisy group chats

If you’re in a group chat that’s a bit too noisy, you don’t have to leave it just yet. You can stop or reduce the number of alerts you get from the group using chat commands.

To stop receiving alerts of new messages, simply select the group, type /alertsoff in the message box and press Enter.

To reduce the alerts you get, set up a few keywords. If you type /alertson London England in the message box and press enter, you’ll only receive alerts for messages containing either of those words.

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