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Get a Smile, Share a Smile – and Win a Toshiba Encore Tablet!

What’s better than a smile? Sharing and spreading that smile. Last month New York City was transformed when passers-by were surprised by exchanging transatlantic laughs with folks in London. Take a look:

But now we want to share those fantastic moments by giving away Toshiba Encore tablets…and we’re looking for you to put a smile on someone’s face.  All you have to do is log into your  Twitter account, post a tweet sharing the Smile Station video above with the #smilestation hashtag, and answer the question: “If you could win a Toshiba Encore Tablet and give another one to a friend, which friend would you choose?”

You and someone you love could both be sharing a smile together very soon.

You’ve got till January 15th to do this; here are the terms and conditions.

Go on, get a smile and share a smile!

2 thoughts on “Get a Smile, Share a Smile – and Win a Toshiba Encore Tablet!

  1. How the heck do I sign up for skype? I’ve been trying for a half hour. I DON’T wnat to sign in with a microsoft or fb account, so what are my options?

    • Shana Pearlman said 3 years ago

      Hi Ian, you don’t say which platform you’re downloading Skype on, but if it’s Windows 8 or above, you now must use a Microsoft account to download Skype. Here’s some more information about that. Best, Shana

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