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去年、「ノマドワーカー」という言葉をニュースなどでよく耳にしたかと思います。ノマドはもともと「遊牧民」という意味です。そこから、カフェなどの場所で、ノートパソコンやタブレットなどで仕事をする人のことを指すようになりました。時間や場所を選ばず Read more


最近或许看过一篇主题为”三大贴士助你使用Skype时呈现最佳状态”的博文。我今天将为大家提供一些在硬件设备上有助于提升Skype通话质量的贴士。若你正在为购买新年礼物而伤脑筋,或许可以从中找到一些新的灵感。 耳机带来 Read more


你或許看過我近期所發表一篇關於「三大貼士讓你用Skype時展現最佳狀態」的博文。我今天將為大家提供一些在硬件設備上有助提升Skype通話質素的貼士。若你正在為購買新年禮物而傷腦筋,你可以從中找到些新靈感。 耳機帶來更高質素的語音通話 從以往 Read more

Skype and Gaga: Highlights from The Born This Way Ball

We’ve had an exciting past few months accompanying Lady Gaga as the official partner of her world tour: The Born This Way Ball. From Stockholm to London to Barcelona, we’ve helped Little Monsters experience the show in incredible new ways: from instantly sharing their looks on our Blue Carpet with Skype Photo Share to leaving messages for Gaga in our … Read more

Dicas super avançadas para quem já sabe fazer (quase) tudo no Skype – Parte I

Usar o Skype não tem mistério, concorda? As funções básicas, como ligar para outro usuário do Skype, fazer uma chamada com vídeo e trocar mensagens de chat, são facílimas de usar. Mas além do “feijão com arroz”, existem aqueles recursos que a gente quase nunca usa, mas que é bom saber que eles estão lá … Read more

Face the Music

We love bringing you oh-so-wonderful experiences. And now we’re giving you a shot at the ultimate concert experience – a chance to meet Ellie Goulding, Fun. or Passion Pit. Sharing photos over Skype makes capturing moments of excitement simple and fun whether you’re at home or on the go. With Face the Music, we’re giving you a … Read more

No Skype, tudo depende da qualidade da rede

Ajudar você a conseguir fazer chamadas de qualidade pelo Skype é uma prioridade do nosso blog. Hoje, vamos dar algumas dicas de como obter a melhor conexão para fazer as suas chamadas do Skype. Esteja você em casa ou na… Read more

Skype 6.1 for Windows Desktop and Outlook integration: making work easier

If you’re like us at Skype, there’s a good chance Microsoft Office is pretty integral to your workday. You likely use Outlook to send and receive emails and to keep your contacts organized and manage your calendar. That’s why I… Read more

Skype y el teatro

Hoy queremos contaros una historia que nos ha llamado mucho la atención porque demuestra como Skype ya forma parte del universo de las artes, y autores como Denise Desperyoux lo utilizan como una solución creativa a los diálogos no presenciales… Read more

Skype 3.1 for Android with portrait calling on tablets

Today we have released Skype 3.1 for Android. New in this release: Portrait calling on tablets Localization to Portuguese, Norwegian and English (UK) Performance improvements and fixes Skype 3.1 for Android is available to download from Google Play. We would like to hear your feedback; get in touch with us on the Skype Support Network … Read more

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