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Skype’s Not Just a Chat Tool for the Modern Office – It’s an Everything Tool


HashableMedia is a digital media creation company, and like a lot of companies these days, we spend a lot of time working remotely. With a laptop and Wi-Fi we can get things done, working on articles and videos wherever we need to. Whether we’re in the office or a coffee shop down the road from … Read more

Auf Jobsuche? Skype gibt euch die fünf besten Tipps für das Bewerbungsgespräch via Skype

Es war einmal vor langer Zeit, da war es eher ungewöhnlich, wichtige Gespräche über Skypezu führen. Heutzutage gehören Skype-Anrufe zum Alltag und Skype ist als Kommunikationsmedium allgemein anerkannt. Je bedeutender aber die Gespräche sind, die wir über Skype führen, umso mehr müssen wir darauf achten, wie wir uns vor dem Bildschirm verhalten. Gerade bei einem Bewerbungsgespräch … Read more


立春を迎え、外出するのが楽しい季節が近づいていますね。連休の予定はもう決まりましたか。遠出する方も、近場で連休を楽しまれる方も、忘れ物はありませんでしょうか。カバンの中身をもう一度確認してみましょう。Skypeはもちろん入っていますよね。 Read more

International Fashion Designer LaQuan Smith: “Skype is Like My Lifeline!”

International Fashion Designer LaQuan Smith.

LaQuan Smith is a designer and a visionary who has had a flair for fashion since being taught to sew by his grandmother at a young age. After a battle with cancer in 2007, he recognized a desire to design clothing as one of his life’s dreams. In 2010 at just 20 years old, he proudly … Read more

Skype 4.5 for iPhone and iPad

Today we’re pleased to release Skype for iPhone and iPad, version 4.5. New features and improvements: iPhone and iPad: Automatic call recovery for dropped calls. Fix so that instant message conversations appear in the correct order. Marketing opt-in / out selector within app registration. iPhone: Emergency calls now routed through native dialer. iPad: Improved UI … Read more

Are Skype Therapy Sessions Right for You?

As the New Year approaches, giving mental health a tune up is often on the list of resolutions. But whether you’re suffering from anxiety or looking for perspective on unresolved family issues, finding the perfect therapist or counselor is important. New York native Frank Scott had been in therapy for 8 years before his therapist … Read more

Skype Yoga Around the World

Goodness knows all of us are trying hard to get fit and stay healthy, but it’s not easy. Fortunately, there are entrepreneurs out there who are using their ingenuity – and Skype – to make it easy for the rest of us to stay in shape. Amber Swanson from California, is one of those people. … Read more

Looking For Your Next Job? Here Are the Definitive Top Five Skype Interview Tips

Doing an important interview over Skype was once a novelty. These days, it’s quickly becoming common practice. The growing prominence of Skype interviews has given rise to a whole school of thought on Skype etiquette and how to make the best impression over aSkype video call. While there’re a lot of self-proclaimed experts out there, we got … Read more

Skype и QIWI проводят акцию «500 рублей в подарок»

Рады сообщить вам о том, что с 6 по 28 февраля 2013 года в рамках совместной всероссийской акции Skype и QIWI, каждый житель России может получить в подарок ваучер Skype на 500 рублей*. Просто пополни свой счет в Skype на сумму от 500 до 15 000 рублей с помощью QIWI Терминалов или Visa QIWI Wallet … Read more

レディー・ガガ×Skype 「ボーン・ディス・ウェイ・ボール」ワールドツアー

Skypeが、レディー・ガガのワールドツアーに参加し、新感覚のツアー体験をファンの皆さまにお届けすることは、9月にご紹介しました。残念ながら、こちらの公演は日本では予定されておりませんが、これまでのツアーのハイライトを、レディー・ガガや会場 Read more

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