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Skype 6.3 for Mac Update

At Skype, we are committed to ensuring you have the best quality communication experience when you’re using our software. Today’s latest release, an update to Skype 6.3 for Mac, provides you improved overall product stability. Please download the latest Skype for Mac to make sure your calls, messages, and more are the best they can … Read more



*こちらのブログは、HashableMedia社のトレヴァー・デービス氏による寄稿の日本語編集版です HashableMediaはロンドンを拠点にする、デジタルメディア・クリエーション・カンパニーです。他の会社と同様、多くの仕事を遠隔で行な Read more

Skype Chat – Marking all messages as read


Skype’s small business team recently posted about managing Skype calls and messages when you’re away from the office. Today, I’d like to talk about what happens when you come back. Picture this: you return from a vacation break only to find many unread chat sessions. Or perhaps you have been chatting on Skype on your … Read more

Classrooms in Russia and the UK Conduct PeaceTalk with Peace One Day

Peace One Day  Founder Jeremy Gilley (center) with students from School Number 164, Zelenogorsk, Russia.

Jeremy Gilley is the Founder of Peace One Day, a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster global peace, understanding and intercultural cooperation. See how Peace One Day uses Skype to help accomplish their mission: I traveled to Gymnasium 164 in Zelenogorsk, Russia for the second of Peace One Day’s PeaceTalks, a program that connects … Read more

¡Usuarios de Messenger, bienvenidos a Skype!

El proceso de actualización de Messenger a Skype ya ha comenzado y desde aquí queremos ayudaros con el proceso de  transición. Os dejamos un decálogo de consejos de utilidad,  tanto si es vuestro primer contacto con Skype, como si ya sois usuarios pero queréis sacarle todo el partido posible. Si vas a estar un tiempo … Read more

Jetzt schnell noch auf Skype umstellen! Adieu Windows Live Messenger.

Gehört ihr auch zu denen, die immer alles in der letzten Sekunde machen? Dann gut aufgepasst, denn  Microsoft schaltet heute den Windows Live Messenger ab. Für alle, die noch nicht auf Skype umgestiegen sind, haben wir hier eine Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung. Der Umstieg auf Skype ist ganz einfach und ihr braucht auch keine Angst um eure etablierten … Read more

Skype Supports Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Efforts through UNHCR and Partnerships Skype solution

Nature proves time and time again to be the most powerful force on our planet. Hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, mudslides and other natural disasters bring a lasting impact on the regions they hit. Unfortunately, when a disaster does strike, the logistics of coordinating on-site aid is a difficult task.  Communications are often impaired by a … Read more

Explorador Mark Woods conversa por Skype com estudantes no Brasil

Em fevereiro anunciamos aqui no blog um projeto super especial do Skype in the classroom: o explorador Mark Wood se preparava para escalar o Monte Everest e estava buscando dez escolas para se conectar com ele durante a subida. E olha só que legal: uma das escolas selecionadas foi a Beit Yaacov, de São Paulo. … Read more

Skype by Royal Appointment

Duke at Quarriers

Royal couple Prince William and Kate have publicized an innovative way that Skype is being used to help youngsters who are homeless get back on their feet. The Duke of Cambridge spoke using a webcam and TV screen to Dylan Howie, 18, and Lyn Buchan, 21, who are turning their lives around in the southern Dutch … Read more

Silence is golden, but not on Skype – Tips to diagnose audio issues

Thomas Edison is credited as coining the word “Hello” as a way to start a phone call. But every now and then I hear friends and family starting a Skype call with “Can you hear me?” instead. I’d like to give you the same tips I give them for troubleshooting audio issues on Skype calls. … Read more

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