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Transform Your Living Room with Skype for Xbox One and Share Experiences with Friends and Family


I’m excited to let you know that Skype will be available on Xbox One.1 For the very first time, Skype for Xbox One lets you enjoy your Xbox games, apps and live TV with friends and family as if they were right there with you in the living room, all through features such as group … Read more

Getting Started on Skype for BlackBerry 10

Welcome to the wonderful world of Skype for BlackBerry 10! We’re really excited to share the great Skype for Android experience with you on these BlackBerry devices. If this is your first time using Skype on a smartphone you might appreciate a bit of a tour. To make sure you get off to the best possible … Read more

Skype from the Top of the World

We all know that Skype connects people to each other in new and exciting ways. However, British explorer Daniel Hughes recently took Skype to an even higher level when he made a Skype Video Call from the peak of Mount Everest – 8,848 meters above sea level. Hughes climbed the world’s highest mountain to raise … Read more

Cette année, souhaitez une merveilleuse fête des mères avec Skype

Elles sont souvent bonnes conseillères, nous connaissent presque mieux que personne et sont les reines du multi tâches. Les mères tiennent une place importante dans la vie de chacun et ce dimanche 26 mai 2013, vous aurez l’occasion de souhaiter une joyeuse fête des mères à votre maman ! Selon un sondage(1), la fête des … Read more

Alla clinica Macedonio Melloni di Milano le neomamme continuano a comunicare via Skype

Vi ricordate il progetto per aiutare le neomamme a restare in contatto con le famiglie e gli amici nei giorni successivi alla nascita del proprio bambino? Ecco, ora va avanti. Come saprete – altrimenti vi rinfreschiamo la memoria! – a Milano, all’ospedale Macedonio Melloni, è stato inaugurato due anni fa un servizio unico in Italia … Read more

Skype for Linux 4.2

Spring is a time for growth, renewal and change. In the spirit of the season, we’ve released the brand new Skype for Linux 4.2 update. We rolled up our sleeves and reconsidered the heart of the Skype for Linux client. We’re very excited about the results and think that you will be too. Click here … Read more

True Heroes Meet Hollywood Stars

Robert Downey, Jr. Kiss

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 star, Robert Downey, Jr., said it best in an Esquire magazine interview: “A hero is not a noun, it is a verb.” There is no question that our troops personify this truism, and the question then becomes: how can we show our appreciation for these real-life superheroes? Skype opted for VIP treatment, inviting soldiers to … Read more

Small Business and the Cloud: Five Questions for Cloud Expert Eric Diamond

As a small business owner, you’ve likely heard talk about the cloud – but it still may not be clear exactly what it means, or if it’s relevant to you. Guess what: if you use SkyDrive, for example, you’re in the cloud already. What’s less common is for small businesses to use some of the more sophisticated … Read more

Solarenergie für die ganze Welt mit Skype

Weltweit haben eineinhalb Milliarden Menschen nach Sonnenuntergang keinen geregelten Zugang zu Elektrizität oder Licht. Das ist grob geschätzt ein Viertel der gesamten Weltbevölkerung, das darauf angewiesen ist, Holz oder Kerosin für die Stromerzeugung zu verbrennen. Viele haben sogar überhaupt keinen Zugang zu Elektrizität. Die in New York ansässige Firma Voltaic Systems und eine Handvoll anderer … Read more


2008年冲击海地的三个强烈飓风与热带风暴,包括费伊(Fay)、古斯塔夫(Gustay)、汉娜(Hanna)和艾克(Ike),令当地经济损失惨重并且严重威胁着居民的生命安全,影响了全国8%居民。经济损失更达10亿美元,是海地历史上因为自然灾 Read more

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