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3 Questions for the World’s Most Tech Savvy Professor

Virginia Tech Professor, John Boyer, may look the part with his pipe and array of sport coats, but the average academic doesn’t have a digital alter-ego named The Plaid Avenger. What truly makes this Geography professor stand out is his mission to “motivate, educate, and inspire students to be fully engaged in the rapidly globalizing 21st … Read more

Skype and Windows Phone 8: A Match Made in Heaven

Skype for Windows Phone 8 is one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy the Skype experience. If you have a Windows Phone 8 device and haven’t installed Skype on it yet, you can get it in the app store. If you’re new to Skype on Windows Phone or you’re not sure you’re getting the most … Read more

Skype e Lync: il tuo collegamento dal salotto di casa alla sala riunioni aziendale

Skype e Lync sono oggi in grado di connettersi. Grazie all’integrazione con Lync, la piattaforma di comunicazione unificata di Microsoft, gli utenti Skype sono ora in grado di raggiungere un network più ampio di colleghi, partner e clienti che già utilizzano Lync.  Lync offre un’esperienza cliente costante e unica per la messaggistica istantanea, i messaggi … Read more

Skype y Lync: Conectamos la sala de estar con la sala de juntas

Estamos muy contentos de anunciar que a partir de hoy los clientes de Skype y Lync podrán conectarse entre sí desde ambas plataformas. Gracias a la conectividad Lync-Skype, los usuarios de Skype tendrán acceso a una extensa red de compañeros, socios y clientes que usan Lync, la plataforma de comunicaciones unificadas de Microsoft, conectándolos con … Read more

Skype et Lync : du salon à la salle de réunion

Aujourd’hui, nous sommes heureux d’annoncer aux utilisateurs de Skype et de Lync dans le monde entier qu’ils peuvent maintenant se connecter d’une plateforme à l’autre. Grâce à l’interopérabilité entre Lync et Skype, les utilisateurs de Skype peuvent désormais communiquer avec un réseau plus large de collègues, de partenaires et de clients qui travaillent avec Lync … Read more


*こちらのブログは、Skypeプロダクト・マーケティング ジョバンニ・メズゲク氏による寄稿の日本語編集版です  本日、世界中のSkypeとLyncのユーザーが、お互いのプラットフォームを超えて繋がるようになったことを発表いたします。Lync Read more

Skype and Lync: Connecting the Living Room to the Board Room

Today, we’re excited to announce Skype and Lync customers around the world are now able to connect with each other from across these platforms. With Lync-Skype connectivity, Skype users will now be able to reach a broader network of colleagues, partners and customers who are using Lync, Microsoft’s unified communications platform, connecting them into organizations … Read more

Skype und Lync verbinden das Wohnzimmer mit dem Konferenzraum

Heute ist ein großer Tag für uns – denn ab heute können Nutzer von Skype und Lync überall auf der Welt plattformübergreifend miteinander kommunizieren. Microsofts Unified Communications-Software Lync bietet einheitliche Einzelkundenlösungen für Instant Messaging, Meetings sowie Video- und Sprachchats zur Erhöhung der Unternehmensproduktivität. Über 90 der 100 Fortune Global 100 Unternehmen nutzen bereits Lync. Dank … Read more

Globetrotting Entrepreneur Grows Business Remotely, With Skype


For entrepreneur Amy McIlwain, Skype means freedom to pursue her passions, both for business and for travel. “My goal is to be able to live and work anywhere in the world,” McIlwain says. “With tools like Skype I’m able to do that.” Coming from an advertising background in the B2B space, McIlwain parlayed her contacts … Read more

A U.S. Senator Goes Back to School


When was the last time a U.S. Senator visited your classroom? For fifth graders at J.S. Clark Leadership Academy in Louisiana, a civics lesson came to life via a Skype video call with U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu. Senator Landrieu, a proponent of charter schools like J.S. Clark, held ‘virtual classrooms’ with a number of schools during … Read more

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