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「最近忙しくて体を動かしてないな・・・」なんて、そんな独り言を言っていませんか?そんな忙しい方にピッタリなのは、Skypeを使ったエクササイズ。ヨガやピラティスのレッスンをSkypeで受けられるのをご存知でしたか?リラックス・リフレッシュ効 Read more

Montana-based Mamalode Brings Parenting Respite to the World, with Skype

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For many moms (and dads alike), “me-time” is rare and precious. With that in mind, a small business in Montana has created a place online where parents can escape throughout the day to find a slice of community and connection. And with the help of Skype, their rural surroundings are no barrier to business. Founder … Read more

Il colloquio di lavoro si fa via Skype

Cari giovani in cerca di opportunità professionali, vi è mai capitato di fare un colloquio via Skype? Pare che ormai, per risparmiare tempo e permettere a coloro che cercano lavoro di sostenere una prima selezione anche a distanza, ci sia la tendenza da parte delle aziende ad utilizzare la webcam. Negli USA è la prassi, … Read more

Solving the Mysteries of the Universe and Using Skype

What’s a Higgs boson? No, it’s not a fancy British surname but rather the missing piece of the puzzle that helps us understand the sub-atomic world. Tentatively proven to exist just this spring, this particle could be the biggest scientific discovery of our time. Top physicists like Dr. Gabriella Sciolla aren’t able search for Higgs boson … Read more

Qual recurso do Skype devo usar agora?

O Skype oferece tantas maneiras de se comunicar, mas qual delas é a melhor para usar nesse minuto? A resposta é… depende. Você está no meio de uma festa de criança? Está com pressa? Muito frio nas mãos para digitar? Felizmente, temos a solução. Sempre que estiver em dúvida sobre qual recurso usar, consulte o guia abaixo. … Read more

3 Easy Steps to Creating a Skype in the classroom Lesson

School is almost out for summer, but not forever. While we can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from teachers across the globe, even with the summer break, a teacher’s work is truly never done as the next school year is only a few months away. Teachers, in your time off for the summer, … Read more

Lippen, Augen, Nägel, Mund: Mit Boris Entrup und Skype schön in den Sommer

Zaghaft schaut die Sonne endlich wieder hinter den Wolken hervor und weckt damit bei uns allen die Hoffnung, dass der Sommer doch noch kommen wird. Ihr könnt eure Winterjacke nun wieder nach hinten in den Schrank hängen, die Sommerklamotten heraus zaubern und euch auf laue Abende mit Freunden, wilde Partynächte und entspannte Biergartenbesuche freuen. Was … Read more


Elizabeth Stone 曾說過「生兒育女是一個重要謹慎的決定。這意味著你一生的精神將跳出個人層面,全獻給你身邊的人」。母親節不但是一個良機向我們一生人最舉足輕重的女性致敬,更讓我們回望母親如何帶我們來到這個世界,舐犢情深。初為人母的 Read more



先月は世界最高齢で日本人がエベレストに登頂したこともあり、日本国内はエベレストの話題でとてもにぎわっておりました。実は同時期に、イギリス人探検家が世界で初めてエベレスト頂上でSkypeビデオ通話に成功しておりました! イギリス人探検家のダニ Read more

Which Skype Feature Should You Use?

Skype offers so many ways to communicate, but which one is right for you right now? The answer is… well, it depends. Are you in a room full of screaming kids? Are you rushing to get out the door (perhaps even sneaking out)? Are your hands too cold to type? Fortunately, we have a simple … Read more

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