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Qué servicio de Skype debes utilizar

Skype ofrece muchas maneras para comunicarte, cuál es la más adecuada para ti, depende de la circunstancia en la que te encuentres. Cada circunstancia requiere un formato diferente. Tenemos una solución muy sencilla que te va a permitir saber en qué momento tienes que usar los diferentes servicios que ofrece Skype. Mira el gráfico que … Read more


Elizabeth Stone 曾经说过:“生儿育女是一个重要并且谨慎的决定。这意味着你一生的精力将跳出个人层面,全都献给你身边的人。”母亲节不但是一个让我们向自己人生中最举足轻重的女性致以感谢的好机会,更让我们理解母亲如何带我们来到这个世 Read more


今度の日曜日は父の日です。母の日と違ってプレゼントがなかなか思いつかず、毎年頭を抱えていませんか?無難にネクタイやお酒を買ってみたり、甘党のお父様にはケーキを買ってみたり・・・。そんな父の日には、Skypeを利用したプレゼント3種類をご提案 Read more

What’s Your Dad’s Best Joke?

As we gear up for Father’s Day, we’d like to celebrate all things dad, including their… shall we say unique sense of humor. Whether your Dad’s jokes make you laugh or groan, submit one of his best, along with a photo of you both together to our Facebook app. We’ll be highlighting our favorites throughout the week, so … Read more

Começando a vida juntos pelo Skype, com muito amor

Depois de namorarem por três longos anos, Cibele Santos e Fausto Candido decidiram que era hora de se casar. O que eles não imaginavam era que, por conta de uma proposta de trabalho no exterior, o começo do casamento deles seria todo por Skype. E contar a história deles aqui hoje é o nosso jeito … Read more

A Tale of Landlines, Mobiles and Group Calls

Skype is great for group calling, whether it’s audio only or you’re enjoying group video calls. You might also know that with Skype you can get great rates on making calls to landlines and mobiles. But wait, there’s more! Did you know that you can combine both of those things and have group calls that … Read more

Terapeuti 2.0: uno strizzacervelli virtuale via Skype

Come molto spesso accade, i nostri amici d’oltreoceano ci rivelano sempre nuove tendenze. L’ultima riguarda la psicoterapia, le sedute ora si fanno anche in videoconferenza grazie soprattutto a strumenti come Skype. E’ molto semplice: basta collegarsi al sito web che presta il servizio e chiedere un primo appuntamento. Poi non resta che accendere la webcam … Read more

Skype Goes Under Water

“My grandfather, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, would grab my hand and say to me ‘Allons Voir’ (lets go see). It is this insatiable curiosity that has been my most treasured inheritance.” -Fabien Cousteau. In October, Fabien Cousteau (grandson of famed explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau) will be leading a record-breaking marine expedition known as Mission 31 living underwater in … Read more

Nach Hause telefonieren: Wie ihr Skype während eines Auslandssemesters am besten nutzt

Jeder von uns nutzt Skype auf eine andere Art – aber auch unser gewohntes Skype-Verhalten kann sich schnell ändern, wenn sich unsere Lebenssituation verändert. Für Studenten, die für ein Auslandssemester in ein anderes Land ziehen, wird Skype schnell zur einzigen Möglichkeit, um mit denen Kontakt zu halten, die sie sonst tagtäglich sehen. Während eines Auslandsaufenthaltes … Read more

Avec « Skype in the Classroom », les enseignants peuvent donner une nouvelle dimension à leurs projets éducatifs

Aujourd’hui, nous avions envie de vous parler d’une initiative chère à Skype, « Skype in the classroom ». Skype in the Classroom est un moyen simple et gratuit pour les enseignants d’ouvrir leur salle de classe au monde entier. Ce portail Skype permet de mettre en relation des enseignants du monde entier pour échanger des … Read more

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