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Skype for Windows Phone 8 – Version 2.9

Today we’ve released an update for Skype for Windows Phone 8. In this release we’ve focused on quality and performance improvements as we continue to build a great app that puts conversations first. Alongside this, we’ve incorporated user feedback and made improvements to the way contacts are managed, and the Skype home screen layout. The … Read more

Skype Stage Play to Premiere Off Broadway

Growing up in Amsterdam, Michael de Roos long dreamed of studying acting in New York City. In 2010, only two weeks after arriving in the Big Apple, he had a fateful meeting with actress/singer/playwright Jody Christopherson. They met at a theater production in Brooklyn where Jody was performing. The two had an instant creative connection … Read more

10 Filme die mit Skype anders verlaufen wären

Star Wars

Ein guter Film lässt uns bis zum Schluss rätseln, wie die Geschichte ausgehen könnte.  Kommt er lebend aus der Sache raus? Bleiben sie glücklich und zufrieden bis an ihr Lebensende? Findet sie doch noch heraus, dass er sie noch immer liebt? Die Spannung wird durch eine Reihe von Wendungen, Missverständnissen und unerwarteten Vorfällen aufrecht erhalten. … Read more

Skype Click to Call for Firefox Support Will Resume Week of August 12th

Firefox browser users may have noticed that Skype Click to Call is not compatible with the most recent version of the browser. This is due to a change in the way the Firefox 22 browser is set up. The problem will be resolved with the release of Firefox 23 on the week of August 12th. … Read more

PC Camera Issues Solved with Skype Settings

New computers – like new cars – often have a few kinks to work out on the path toward optimal performance. While it can become a long and torturous process to resolving hardware issues, sometimes there are ingenious workarounds involving Skype. Recently we’ve seen chatter about camera issues with some types of PC laptops popular … Read more

Beyond Skype to Skype: Calling Landlines and Mobiles


If you’re like a lot of working people who use Skype, you have a very lengthy contact list, and you initiate many free Skype to Skype voice and video calls throughout the work week. But there are times when it’s necessary (or just more convenient) to call someone on his or her landline or mobile phone. Perhaps … Read more

Skype para disponível para todo mundo no Brasil

No final de abril, anunciamos o lançamento da versão preview do Skype para E hoje a notícia é que todos no Brasil já podem desfrutar da magia das chamadas com vídeo com seus amigos do Skype diretamente da sua caixa de entrada do É mais uma ótima maneira de se conectar com as … Read more

Was sind Tastenkürzel und wie nutzt man sie bei Skype?

bild 2

Tastenkürzel sind nicht nur praktisch, sie sparen auch noch Zeit. Gemeint sind damit bestimmte Tastenkombinationen, die vorher gespeicherte Befehle ausführen. Wer kennt nicht Alt-F4, oder Strg-Alt-Entf, wenn gar nichts mehr geht. Natürlich gibt es auch bei Skype die Möglichkeit, Tastenkürzel zu aktivieren. Tastenkürzel gibt es zum Beispiel für: Einen Anruf beantworten Einen Anruf mit Video … Read more

Skype 6.7 for Mac

Today we have released a new version of Skype for Mac. We are continually focusing on ease of use. With this release we focused on optimizing your search experience. Fast, deep search results Search in Skype for Mac has been completely overhauled. Finding the right conversation is now faster than ever. From the toolbar, just … Read more

Skype Wedding Grants Dying Father’s Final Wish

Michaela Murphy never bought into the idealized notion of the glitzy “dream wedding with the pressure to be the happiest you can on ‘the most important day of your life’. ”She simply wanted someone who was close to her and her fiancé Gregg to preside over a heartfelt ceremony. As Michaela and Gregg’s New York … Read more

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