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Peace One Day and Skype Empower Youth to Rise for Peace

Guest Blogger Monique Coleman is an actress, advocate and an Education Ambassador for Peace One Day. On September 21st we celebrated the annual UN recognized International Day of Peace. People around the world came together in the name of peace to demonstrate how dialogue is a more powerful tool for resolving conflict than resorting to violence. … Read more

Skype Is Everywhere – Even Oktoberfest!

Last month, Munich’s famous Oktoberfest opened its doors for the 180th time. On the first weekend thousands of lassies and lads came to visit and drank more than a million liters of beer and consumed 9 whole oxen.   The Munich Beer festival counts more than six million visitors every year, but since many Oktoberfest … Read more

Liebesgrüße aus Moskau – via Skype!


Immer wieder begegnen uns tolle Menschen mit großartigen Ideen. Und so wollen wir euch heute Olesya Postnikova vorstellen. Olesya wurde in Russland geboren und zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass sie neben Russisch, Deutsch, Englisch und Spanisch auch noch ein bisschen Chinesisch spricht. Sie hat sowohl in Moskau, als auch in Hangzhou (China) und Berlin studiert … Read more

Seek and Ye Shall Find – Tips for Search

Back in July we released a new feature in Skype for Mac 6.7 which I haven’t had a chance to discuss with you yet. I want to fix that today because it really is a great feature. The feature in question is the search box on the toolbar. In this post I’ll be getting into … Read more

Доступ к Skype теперь непосредственно со стартового экрана Windows 8.1

Skype займет центральное место в Windows 8.1 – прямо с момента включения вашего компьютера. Это произойдет благодаря тому, что Skype станет частью Windows 8.1 наряду с другими необходимыми приложениями и сервисами. Skype будет с вами с самого Старта! И это – отличная новость как для пользователей Skype, так и для пользователей Windows. Теперь не придется … Read more

Especial Dia do Professor: veja como usar o Skype na sala de aula para levar o mundo aos seus alunos

Educação sempre foi um tema muito importante para todo mundo na Skype, e hoje, dia do Professor, paramos para refletir um pouco sobre o papel do educador nos dias de hoje, e como o Skype pode ajudar nessa missão. Já foi o tempo em que ensinar envolvia apenas transmitir conceitos e conteúdos. Na era da … Read more

Happy National Flex Day! 5 Tips for Better Remote Working

Here at Skype we regularly work remotely, and often with teams on varying schedules and in various spots around the globe. Add to that the fact that Skype also can be an essential tool for doing business from anywhere, and you’ll see why we were naturally interested in the first annual National Flex Day in … Read more

Les astuces Skype pour de meilleures discussions de groupe au travail (partie 2)

Cet été, nous vous avions donné des conseils pour mieux organiser vos conversations de groupe au travail. En utilisant au mieux les conversations de groupe, vous pouvez retrouver des informations sur un sujet que vous avez abordé des mois plus tôt. Dans notre précédent post, nous vous avions donné des conseils plutôt basiques ; cette … Read more

Share and Share Alike – Tips for Screen Sharing

In an office environment people are used to connecting to webinars and conference calls where the presenter is sharing his or her screen. However screen sharing doesn’t belong to the boardroom alone. If you haven’t tried screen sharing via Skype yet then let me tell you how to get started and a few ways you … Read more

Students Reach for the Stars After Skype Call with World-Class Astronomer

A guest blog post by teacher Shawn Avery from Dennett Elementary School in Plympton, Massachusetts. How can I connect concepts my students are learning about to real world experiences? That’s the question that teachers ponder every day. It’s easy to throw a math problem up on the board for children to solve or show them … Read more

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