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The 6 Best Reasons to Stay up After Midnight on #NYE

Free Skype Calls to Mobiles and Landlines

1) The dancing just isn’t done yet.


Unless you have kids, are among the 1% of people who were able to find a babysitter for New Years Eve, and said babysitter has to go home at 12:01 AM, we can’t think of any non-emergency-related reason to stop dancing after midnight, after 1 AM (or 2 AM) for that reason. Stick around and dominate the dance floor. You won’t turn into a pumpkin, we promise.

2) We’ve just popped champagne and someone’s got to drink it.


There’s nothing sadder than a half bottle of flat champagne sitting around on January 1st. If you’re going to revel in the New Year – revel in the New Year. Otherwise, the flat champagne is an inauspicious start to 2014 and could be read as a morose metaphor for the coming year. Please don’t take part in this kind of abuse of alcohol – especially if it’s a decent bottle of champagne.

3) You’ve got friends and family in time zones after you and you want to wish them a Happy New Year’s too.


Why just celebrate New Years Eve in a single time zone? It’s 2014 so, uh… party like it’s 2014. As they say, it’s always midnight somewhere (actually, we just made that up). Use Skype World Unlimited to celebrate with grandma in Berlin, your sister in London, your college friends in Baja Mexico. Use it nationally. Use it internationally. Call Skype. Call mobiles. Call landlines. Of the things you find might find yourself regretting when you wake up on January 1st, one will not be a massive phone bill.

Free Skype Calls to Mobiles and Landlines

4) Sometimes you just don’t want that New Year’s kiss to end.


If you are lucky enough to start off 2014 with a smooch, keep it going as long as possible. You are living out the New Years goal of millions of people around the world and it’s unfair to those less lucky than yourself if you simply call it a night. If your special someone can’t be in the same place at the same time as you this year, please see Number 3 (above). That said, please consider your surroundings while conducting a long distance kiss. It would be unfortunate to come across a Facebook photo of yourself getting intimate with an iPhone.

5) It’s hard to find a cab home on New Year’s Day – stay up and take the bus with your fellow revelers.


New Years Eve is often a victim of high expectations. You obsess over where you’ll be at the stroke of midnight to the point that you can end up feeling like you should be enjoying yourself more than you actually are. Sometimes the really memorable stuff happens after midnight when things are a bit more spontaneous and all of the amateurs have gone home. What’s the rush? Take the bus or walk. Let it breathe and see what happens.

6) You’ve stayed up this long already, go ahead and enjoy it! 


A body in motion tends to stay in motion. There’s no need to mess with the laws of physics. Be responsible but have fun. Here’s to a happy and healthful 2014.

One thought on “The 6 Best Reasons to Stay up After Midnight on #NYE

  1. Wonderful, you are great! Happy New Year to you all!

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