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Like Fashion? Learn from the Experts With Skype!

Calling all aspiring fashion designers and creatives! Skype has enlisted top global fashion industry experts to participate in two group video calls – ‘The Spark’ and ‘Fashion & Technology’ as part of the Skype conversation series.  Anyone can watch and learn from these inspiring people.

Fashion journalist & television personality Louise Roe hosts both calls; ‘The Spark’ explores how professionals from different aspects of the industry established a successful career in fashion by following their creative passions. This is a must-see for anyone getting their start in the industry! Participants include:

  • Catherine Hayward, London based stylist and fashion consultant, the Fashion Director of Esquire UK and Esquire UK’s style biannual, The Big Black Book, shot in-studio in London.
  • Pamela Love, CFDA-Award winning jewelry designer, on a Skype video call from New York.
  • Helena Bordon, founder of and co-founder of the Brazilian high-street fashion chain, 284, on a Skype video call from Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Take a look on the Skype Collaboration Project!

The ‘Fashion & Technology’ panel addresses how technology is altering and moving the fashion industry forward as well as what the future of fashion will look like. Participants include:

  •  Jose Neves, Founder & CEO of global e-tailer, shot in-studio in London.
  • Lauren Sherman, writer and editor, who has contributed to the New York Times, Business of Fashion,, Wall Street Journal and many more, on a Skype video call from New York.
  • Craig Arend, photographer, founder of the website Altamira: Models Off Duty, and contributing photographer to the New York Times Style section, on a Skype video call from New York.
  • Eddie Mullon, founder & CEO of Fashion GPS, one of the industry’s most indispensible tools, on a Skype video call from New York.

‘Fashion & Technology’ will appear as a video on the Skype Collaboration Project, on Monday, January 6, 2014.

Check them out – if you’re interested in a career the fashion industry, they can’t be missed!

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