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I’ll Be Home for the Holidays, Thanks to Skype

As the Skype Correspondent, I constantly am jetting off to new adventures and events. I am so grateful to work in the industry I do, but my busy travel schedule (I’ll be in Miami, New York City and LA just this month) often keeps me away from my family.

But, thanks to Skype, I won’t have to miss a thing this holiday season.

Virtual Visits

I have a large family and we’re pretty spread out — I’m in LA and my parents, sister and many relatives are back in Ohio. During the holidays, we stay connected using Skype Group Video Calls because there’s no better way to feel like we’re actually together. In fact, these virtual visits are ideal for multiple reasons. My family and I get to catch up via Skype…and I can enjoy the sunshine here in warm southern California instead of shoveling snow from the driveway in the frigid Midwest. I’d say that is a win-win!

Capturing the Moment

My family loves to know what I am up to, and since I am not around as often as I would like, I try to take as many photos as possible. This holiday season, I plan to take even more photos than normal, and share those images with my family on email, upload them to all my social media channels and file sharing them over Skype (that way I have all of my bases covered).

Big thanks to Skype and technology for helping me to be home for the holidays.

What other ways has technology enhanced your holiday season? Tweet @Skype, @JZFish or use #MadePossible to let us know!

2 thoughts on “I’ll Be Home for the Holidays, Thanks to Skype

  1. Skype is great! It gives me the opportunity to talk to my friends and family abroad for free even more in this holiday season. The connection quality is most of the time very good. Anyway I recommend you will take a subscription, this will allow you to call landlines and cell phones anytime from your PC or mobile phone using the Skype App. It’s very cheap comparing to the regular prices! I also like that Skype accepts different payment methods and not only credit cards. Just waiting the new enhancements you will have in 2014.

  2. im not sure if this belongs here or not but i just had to thank skype.

    My aunt lost her six year old daughter to a fire in my home country The Gambia a couple of days ago. Because they were here in new york and due to expired passports could not make it to the gambia, they made all their funeral arrangements via skype, and they were skyped though out the whole funeral and burial of their little girl. so even thought they couldn’t be there in a sense they were there and that meant so so much to them. so thank you skype.

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