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Working Smarter, with Skype: MJ Vandivier

Love what you do. Seek out the best people in your field and find out what they did to succeed. Never stop learning.

That’s some of the sage advice acting and voice coach MJ Vandivier shares with her fellow entrepreneurs in the interview below, part of our “Working Smarter, with Skype” series.

MJ’s work requires a high level of personal connection — whether she’s in the same room with clients or not. She counts on Skype video calling to monitor their facial expressions and breathing during remote coaching sessions. Check out her video to learn more about how she’s using Skype, and some of the business wisdom she’s accumulated through the years.

Have some wisdom of your own? Please share in the comments! Even better: upload your own video to YouTube, telling us how you use Skype in your business and sharing your best advice for other entrepreneurs. Use the tag #skype4biz so we can find you.

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