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How the Xbox One is Going to Change the Way You Use Skype

Earlier this year we released a new way of using video in Skype. Video messaging was such a change to the way you’re used to using Skype that I was inspired to post some tips on what you might use it for.

Recently, with the Xbox One, we’ve made a huge leap forward with the Skype experience in your living room. Today I’d like to show you just how big I think that leap is by talking about some of the ways you might use Skype now which you’d never thought of before.

Watching TV together

Ok, maybe you already do this with Skype today, but we’re just warming up! Until now you would have to bring a laptop, tablet or mobile with you and sit with it in your lap while you watch though. It’s a much better experience to just sit back on the couch and let your Xbox One handle both Skype and the TV, leaving your lap free for popcorn.

Get the family together on the couch

Group video calling is great for getting people who are separated together on a call, but what about calling someone far away when there’s a group of you together? Sure you can all huddle around a computer but often, without a specialized microphone, you end up having to lean in one at a time to say something. With Kinect and Skype on Xbox One it’s easy to get everybody on the call and have a good old chin-wag.

Tip: Try this with your family over Christmas if you find an Xbox One under the tree!

Keep an eye on your Skype messages while doing something else

We’ve all been there… You’ve made plans to talk to someone on Skype and the arranged time came and went 15 minutes ago. It’s not like your friend to be late so they could be on any moment, but there’s only so many games of QWOP you can play to bide the time on your computer.

It would be so much better to spend that time watching your favorite show or playing a game and still being able to see when their message comes through on Skype. Then, if your friend is one of your Favorites, you can start up the call to them by simply saying “Xbox, call <person>”.

Tip: You can use the Xbox quiet settings to control when you see notifications from Skype

These are just some of the exciting ways I think Skype on Xbox One is going to change the way we use Skype. If you’ve got other ways I haven’t even thought of, why not let us know in the Skype Community?

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