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Tips to jump ahead with Skype on Xbox One

Earlier this week I posted tips for getting started with Skype on Xbox One. Today I’d like to lift the lid on some of the cool features to get you ahead of the game. Whether it’s turning the auto-zoom feature on and off, typing with your mobile device or continuing a call while gaming, these tips have got you covered.

Turn auto-zoom off if you’re not ready for your close-up

One of the coolest features of Skype on Xbox One is how it uses Kinect to always put you on center stage. Whether you get up and move around or someone else joins you on the couch, Kinect will zoom in or out and keep everything centered. However, if you want to turn the feature off because your kids keep running through the living room, you can.

Simply move the cursor to your own video in the bottom right of the screen and use the A button to toggle auto-zoom on or off.

Better the auto-correct you know than the d-pad you don’t

The Xbox One controller is a fantastic device for gaming, but it was never designed as a keyboard replacement. If you’re an instant message fan, like me, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s another way of typing your messages.

Skype on Xbox One supports text input with SmartGlass, which turns your mobile phone or tablet into a second screen that interacts with what you’re doing on your Xbox. SmartGlass is available for Windows 8 tablets, Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Learn more about SmartGlass.

Smartglass logo resized

Multi-task like a boss with background calling

The Xbox One is built with all your gaming and multimedia needs in mind. Skype on Xbox One was built to share those experiences with your nearest and dearest and that would be difficult if you had to choose between one and the other.

If you’re on a call you can switch to your favorite game or show and the call will continue in the background. Once Skype moves to the background your video will stop and the call will continue with audio only.

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