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Home is Where the Skype Is…

It’s interesting to witness the ways in which Skype adoption within certain industries can positively impact business. We’ve talked about it in relation to the medical field and foreign-language instruction.

Real estate is another industry seeing benefits from Skype.  We hear it’s helping business run more efficiently and allowing realtors to satisfy client demands more easily and cost-effectively.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Dan Prud’homme, a broker in vacation hot-spot Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, recently explained to the trade publication CRN, that selling second homes to remote clients poses significant challenges. Then a simple solution occurred to him: Skype. He began leading virtual tours, guiding prospective out-of-town buyers through houses via Skype video calls. After selling two homes that way, his colleagues took up the practice too.

Justin Levitch, vice president of business development at the real estate company RealLiving® at Home, wrote in real-estate publication Inman News that “the increasing amount of real estate purchases in today’s market [involve] buyers who have never stepped foot in a house prior to purchasing” it. Justin goes on to recommend agents consider using Skype so “your buyer can be with you as you tour the property, and you can exchange live dialogue.”

Many realtors seem to be taking that advice. Last year, Florida real-estate broker Carole Smith marveled about showing a large estate to an out-of-town client during a 1.5 hour Skype video call.

Agent Marina Brito – in a blog post on the Fairfax, Virginia web site Home by School – describes her clients Tita and Tony’s process of purchasing a home entirely remotely, by relying on Skype video for everything from guiding their initial house tours to conducting the final walk-through of the selected home.

Her successful experience using Skype to show a house to out-of-town prospective buyers in Franklin, Tennessee led realtor Tammie White to ask, “With so many out-of-state buyers contacting me, I couldn’t help but think…is Skype the new first showing?”

Do you work in real estate, and have you seen Skype changing the way you do business? Tell us!

One thought on “Home is Where the Skype Is…

  1. Thanks for the mention, and yes, Skype is a powerful tool for getting homes sold to buyers who are out of town, and keeping them engaged in the process.

    In another example of how we use Skype, for many transactions where we don’t have buyers and sellers sitting at the same closing table, we also use Skype to have them participate in each others’ closing and this way, they can thank each other “in person”.

    Thank you for providing us with a great tool to get our business done!

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