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Skype Announces “The Skype Collaboration Project” and Details Victoria Beckham Partnership

Today we’re proud to launch The Skype Collaboration Project, an online destination that focuses on the intersection between technology and creative industries. Our project shines a spotlight on creative talent, including celebrated British fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

Skype has always championed innovators, celebrated bringing new ideas to life, and explored new ways of thinking. With The Skype Collaboration Project, we want to inspire emerging creative talent in four ways:

• Using technology to bring innovative ideas and products to life

• Channeling passion and entrepreneurial spirit into success

• Shaping inspiration into reality through the power of collaboration

• Exhibiting the incredible craft from artisans around the globe

As part of the project, The Skype Conversation Series, will offer students, fashion fans and creatives exclusive access to the innovators, experts and fashion insiders at the heart of industry.

Via Instant messaging, Video messaging and Group video calls, there will be opportunities to interact with the likes of stylist Bay Garnett, with fashion brand consultant Arieta Mujay, and award-winning textile designer Suki Cheema amongst many others. The Conversation Series showcases the multiple ways Skype is enabling conversations and sparking tangible collaborations.

Amongst a multitude of fashion talent, we’ll introduce photographer Teddy Fitzhugh, fashion illustrator Damien Florebert-Cuypers, luxury brand Apolis, London photographer Jonnie Craig, founder of Snap Fashion, Jenny Griffiths and Jen Mankins, owner of Brooklyn based boutique Bird.

From January, The Skype Collaboration Project will highlight the journey of Victoria Beckham and her global fashion brand. Enabling access to milestones within the business, a behind the scenes view of the company, and an introduction to the team, Skype is providing a front row seat as the team builds towards the Victoria Beckham Fall/Winter 2014 Ready-To-Wear show at New York Fashion Week.

Skype will give access to the story of the Victoria Beckham label in a way that has not previously been seen. From the spark that launched her business, to the innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurialism and embracing of technology that empowers her creativity, all presented through articles, videos, images and interviews.

Following February’s NYFW, you’ll have an opportunity collaborate with Victoria Beckham herself, as she holds an “In Conversation With” panel for which you can submit questions, and take away inspiration to apply to your own journey.

Stay tuned on The Skype Collaboration Project for fresh new content throughout the coming months.

The Skype Collaboration Project. We. Can. Do.

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