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Couple Runs Length of South America for Environment

British couple, David and Katharine Lowrie, recently became the first spouses to run the length of South America together with Katharine claiming the title of the first woman to ever accomplish the feat.

Their 5000 Mile Project was an epic, unsupported run from the bottom of Chile to the top of Venezuela (with a few tough patches like the Andes and the Amazon in between) to raise awareness and money for environmental conservation.

After some 10 million steps, 10 pairs of demolished shoes, and 6,504 miles over 15 months of running, they raised nearly $10,000 for environmental conservation charities.

“A lot of the charity work we’ve been doing is through using Skype on the ground,” say Katharine. “It’s been invaluable to connect with family and friends and get them interested in the project.”

David explains, “To stimulate donating in this era, it’s really important that people can feel the impact of where their money goes.” With Skype, he says, “We’re able to – literally – make a call, connect and spin the camera around and people can see exactly where their pounds and pence, dollars and cents [are going].”

Check out their video interview via Skype:


  • Charities: Birdlife International, Conservacion Patagonica and Asociacion Armonia.
  • They took turns pulling a trailer with to 100kg in weight, including water, food, and camping gear
  • Average run: 20 miles a day, last 2 months over 24 miles a day
  • Longest run: 35 miles
  • Recorded over 450 bird species
  • Rest days: Every 6-7 days depending on provisioning, school presentations etc.
  • Start Point: Cabo Froward, Southern Sea, Chile
  • End Point: Carupano, Caribbean Sea, Venezuela
  • Countries: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela
  • Min temperature run through: -10 degrees Celsius/14 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Max temperature run through: 45 degrees Celsius/113 degrees Fahrenheit

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