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Use Skype to Boost Your Holiday Business

We’re closing in on the year’s end, and you know what that means….the holidays. Ahh, office parties, gift exchanges and the all-around merriment the season brings to workplaces of all types and sizes.

We see many small businesses finding clever ways to integrate Skype into the spirit of the season, so we’d like to share some of their ideas in hopes that they can spread cheer and boost your business.

Video messages:  Skype allows you to record individual video messages to share with any of your contacts. During the holidays, how about sending a video message as your “greeting card” for the season? You can sing an original seasonal song, recite a funny holiday poem – or just thank clients, colleagues and co-workers for their contributions to your business this year.

Gift Cards: For those in your professional network who are Skype users, how about emailing a little Skype credit as a holiday greeting?  Skype sells customizable e- gift cards with holiday images, in denominations from $10 to $200. Don’t worry, the gift card can be redeemed and exchanged in the recipient’s local currency. 

Office tours:  Do you have a client or colleague who has never seen the home office? You likely do. How about staging a holiday office tour via Skype video (using Skype on a tablet or smart phone works great for this). During the tour, be sure to have relevant individuals send personal greetings from their desks as you pass, and show off any of your noteworthy decorations.

Video “toast”: If you want to really get festive, you can ship bottles of champagne or sparkling cider to far-flung colleagues, with an invitation to join you on a Skype group video call at a specific time. Then, you can pop corks on a call together, and toast one another for a job well done this year.

Does Skype figure into your business’ holidays? Tell us about it!

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