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Skype for Mac 6.11 – Find Content More Easily with Improved Search

We have released Skype for Mac 6.11. We focused on quality in this release, with fixes for several different crashes and hangs reported to us by users. We also fixed a host of other bugs, including:

  • Full-text search of messages with Unicode characters was failing on 10.6.
  • Infinite scrolling was sometimes broken on Mavericks.
  • A disk I/O issue prevented a small number of users from logging in.
  • Dragged links were blurry when dragged to a display of a different resolution.
  • File transfer messages were displaying incorrectly if they were scrolled just right.


In addition, we improved searching to allow you to more easily find all relevant content. You’ll see this in the new behavior of the conversation’s find toolbar, which now searches into the past for you. Less scrolling FTW! You can also search for more types of messages in the Search field, including file transfers.

You can download Skype for Mac 6.11 by clicking here. We hope you enjoy this update. To share your feedback or to get the latest news and tips, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and join us on the Skype Community.

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