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Skype Click to Call No Longer Available for Safari

Due to changes in the new Mac OS X Mavericks, the Skype Click to Call plugin is no longer compatible with the Safari (Mac) browser and we need to stop distributing it temporarily.

What do I need to do if I already have the plugin installed?

You can continue using it as before. However, if you upgrade to Mac OS X Mavericks, you may experience compatibility issues. To avoid this, we recommend that you disable Skype Click to Call in your browser settings.

How do I disable the plugin?

1.     Go to Preferences in Safari.

2.     Click Extensions on the top rail.

3.     Uncheck the ‘Enable Skype Click to Call’ box.

Will Skype resume support for Safari in the future?

Yes, Skype is working on a solution to make Click to Call available on Safari again. Watch this space.

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