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Moving Forward—How the Covin family used Skype to stay together

We know moving is hard. And those of you who moved from Messenger know this feeling all too well. It’s been almost eight months since we welcomed Messenger users to the Skype family. Since that time, we’ve heard from thousands of you about the transition, and we’ve been listening.

To help answer some of your questions, we followed a family as they prepared to make a move of their own. This is the story of the Covin family. You can see the entire story at

Throughout their story, you’ll see how the Covins used Skype, and you’ll also see links to how-tos. Click the links to get more info on how you can use Skype in the same ways. In this first episode, you’ll see how Skype helped the family stay close even when they couldn’t be together.

When it was finally time for the Covin family to reunite, Michael surprised everyone by running in the front door; the girls went crazy. Come along as the family packs up the house and says their goodbyes in Part Two of the Moving Forward story.

With Georgia in their rearview mirror, the Covin family was ready to get to Washington D.C., but first they stopped at Michael’s mom’s house for a quick visit. Watch as the whole family lends a hand in unpacking the truck and setting up their new lives in Washington D.C.

We hope you liked the episodes. Join us on Facebook and follow us at @Skype for more stories on how friends and family #staytogether.  What is your story?

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