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Born Friends: The Story of Sarah and Paige

Many of us have a friend we have known our whole life – usually the kid down the street or the child of your parents’ close friends with whom you grew up.

But, we were moved to share the story of Sarah and Paige, teens with a life-long bond, despite the fact that they live 8,000 miles apart – one in Indiana and one in New Zealand — and that their families had never met in person. The girls are connected by a rare condition and have forged a lasting friendship through emails, phone calls and, of course, Skype!

Their story begins while one was still in the womb. When ultrasound photos showed that Sarah would be born with a partial left arm, her mother searched the Internet for another parent, anywhere, who could offer support. Her search led her to Paige’s parents who had just welcomed a baby girl of their own, on the other side of the world. Paige had the same condition, and the girl’s parents began sharing letters and photos.

When the girls were old enough, they connected via email and began getting to know each other by sharing stories from their daily lives and some of the hurdles that they face.

One day, Paige asked Sarah if she had a Skype account. Their first face-to-face meeting using video calling surprised Paige: “When I saw Sarah, I was kind of like oh – that’s how people see me!”

They have become best friends in every way. “We’ll talk about boys and life and compare things,” says Sarah.  They even give each other beauty and fashion advice and share tips on how to make their lives easier.

Sarah teaches Paige some manicure tricks.

Best friends, living a world away. For years, they have been each other’s confidantes and cheerleaders without ever meeting in person.

Here’s what happened when they finally did meet:

The Katie Couric Show was so moved by their remarkable story, both girls were flown to New York to share their experiences and spend more quality time together.

Since meeting in person, their bond has only grown stronger. “We’re like two needles in a haystack that just found each other,” shares Sarah.

Has Skype helped you and your loved ones Stay Together? Share your story with us:

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