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Rerouted: A Skype Travel Challenge – 2 Weeks, 5 Cities, Plenty of Detours

Our Travel Brand Ambassador, Mike from Kick the Grind, is going on a European adventure – and you’re his ticket home. We’re going to drop Mike in Istanbul and he will be relying on your help to get him from Turkey to Turkey Day – he’ll be powered by only a Surface Pro 2, Windows 8.1, Skype and you! Once he’s landed, he doesn’t know what’s coming next, only that he will be using Skype to live in the moment, meeting fellow Moment Makers and definitely trying something new.

Mike rerouted

There are going to be a few detours that he will not be expecting in his quest to secure his ticket home, which is where you come in – you can be a part of the game. Mike is going to need you to help him find his way from Istanbul to the Thanksgiving dinner table. If you are a Skype Facebook Fan or follow @SkypeMoments on Twitter and you help Mike with a clue or challenge, Skype vouchers may be yours, and there’s even some neat swag up for grabs too.

Keep your eyes open for Mike’s first updates, starting when he lands on November 12th. Mike will be using @SkypeMoments during his trip, so follow him there and keep your eyes on #SkypeRerouted to stay right up to date with his progress and check out for Official Challenge Rules and for pics and videos of all his adventures.

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