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Elderly Sisters Reunited After 30 Years via Skype

87-year-old Mary Helen and her sister, Betty, have always enjoyed a close relationship even though they live over 1,500 miles apart. They speak on the phone with some frequency, but, due to finances and – more recently – health issues, they had not seen each other for some 30 years. Mary Helen, a stroke survivor, … Read more

Celebrating Small Business Saturday in the US

Small businesses are some of the most prolific Skype users – and certainly some of the savviest. They collaborate across borders, communicate with dispersed teams, reach new audiences and conduct business on-the-go, and all without breaking the bank. In honor of Small Business Saturday in the US on Nov. 30, entrepreneur and author Mike Michalowicz … Read more

Erfolgreiches Arbeiten mit Skype: Jen LaFlam

Als Teil unserer “Erfolgreiches Arbeiten mit Skype”-Serie stellen wir euch heute die Unternehmerin Jen LaFlam vor. Sie ist Geschäftsinhaberin der unabhängigen Marketing- und Vertriebsfirma JTL Media. In dem folgenden Video erzählt sie, wie wichtig es ist, im Geschäftsleben authentisch zu bleiben, furchtlos zu sein und auch über moderne Kommunikationswege wie Skype auf Unternehmensressourcen und Tipps … Read more

5 astuces Skype pour réussir vos examens avec brio

Les partiels et autres examens de fin d’année approchent – s’ils ne sont pas déjà en cours. En plus de vous permettre de rester en contact avec les personnes qui vous sont le plus chères, Skype vous donne l’occasion d’étudier et de travailler avec d’autres élèves de façon futée et efficace. Skype a demandé à … Read more

Fabada, lentejas, tortilla de patata… y ¡ayuda!

Fabada, paella, lentejas, tortilla de patata y ¡ayuda! Estas son probablemente algunas de las palabras más pronunciadas por los usuarios españoles cuando hablan por Skype. Especialmente entre los 700.000 españoles que han salido de España entre 2008 y 2012 debido a la situación económica para buscar una oportunidad de futuro fuera de nuestras fronteras, según datos … Read more

The Road to Skype for Xbox One

Skype and Xbox came together to create a marriage of two divisions to bring communications to the living room. In July 2012, less than a year after Skype was acquired by Microsoft, the Skype team embarked on developing Skype for Xbox One. There were three core things we knew we needed to get right: performance, … Read more

Skype in the classroom and reddit Team Up for Teachers

During this time of year I always find myself reflecting back on the year that was.  As I look back at 2013 and remember the different ways we at Skype tried to give back and make life better for others, the recent “reddit gifts for the Teachers 2013” drive stands out as one of the … Read more

Use Skype to Boost Your Holiday Business

We’re closing in on the year’s end, and you know what that means….the holidays. Ahh, office parties, gift exchanges and the all-around merriment the season brings to workplaces of all types and sizes. We see many small businesses finding clever ways to integrate Skype into the spirit of the season, so we’d like to share … Read more


我们非常高兴通过与新伙伴的合作,中国用户现已开始享受新版Skype的优质体验。今天,Skype和光明方正正式建立战略合作伙伴关系,此举将推动Skype在包括个人电脑和移动设备在内的多平台及终端的应用。 Skype始终致力于优化人们的沟通方式 Read more

A new relationship for a better experience in China

We are excited to share that an updated version of Skype is now available for users in China through a new relationship. Today, Skype and Guangming Founder (GMF) announced a strategic partnership to deliver Skype across multiple platforms, including PCs and mobile devices. Skype has been at the forefront of changing the way people communicate … Read more

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