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Why I Became a Ghost Hunter

Ghost hunting is not just the stuff of fiction and children’s stories. Real life “Paranormal Investigators” are hard at work seeking the truth about phantoms, apparitions, disembodied voices and other mysteries.

Paranormal investigator and national radio personality Spencer Hughes explains, “I work with a ghost hunting partner to track down ghosts and try to interact with them. We’re out to learn more about this phenomenon that exists around the world.” And Spencer has a unique vantage point on the world of the paranormal, as his own home is “very haunted with ghosts.”

When not chasing the supernatural himself, Spencer uses Skype to create podcast interviews with experts and others affected by the paranormal.Spencer

Like most people, Spencer was introduced to the world of the paranormal through movies and books. While this national radio personality found ghosts and other mysteries to be intriguing, he says, “I wasn’t a skeptic, but I was never a firm believer either.”

Everything changed six years ago when Spencer and his family bought a new house outside of Sacramento, California. Reached by Skype at his home, Spencer says, “Right after moving in, I started to experienced the sensation of someone peeking at me from around the corners in the house.”

Spencer didn’t jump to conclusions. He explains, “I have six kids, so I tried to debunk things and figured that it was just one of my kids. But then it started happening when I was sure that nobody else was home. I thought maybe it was an intruder. I tried to catch the person numerous times but they disappeared into thin air.”

He worried that it was all in his head until, randomly, Spencer’s wife brought it up. “She asked me if it was me sticking my head around the corner,” he laughs. “I just stared at her and the hair stood up on the back of my neck.”

“Then, without any mention of ghosts, we asked my teenage daughter, ‘Do you ever see things out of the corner of your eye in the house?’ She just turned white as a sheet and said, ‘There are people coming into my room and darting out.’”

“My mind still tried to dismiss it,” Spencer says, “I understood haunted houses to be a creepy old manor occupied by the ghosts of former inhabitants. But our house was brand new. No one had ever lived in it before. However, we kept seeing these ‘shadow figures’ over and over again.”

“I decided there was something attached to the property itself. There’s a lot of history of Native American tribes in the area. We often enter the kitchen and there is a man standing there – maybe just for one or two second, but clearly a man.”

Spencer decided that he needed to learn more and that’s when he became a paranormal investigator. He started blogging and podcasting about his investigations to encounter and interact with ghosts. He uses Skype to record interviews with experts and other people affected by the paranormal. Those interviews are then uploaded to his podcast.

“When I started talking about the paranormal, everywhere I went people said ‘Oh my gosh, I’m so happy you brought that up because I’ve seen ghosts too and I thought I was crazy.’ Many people have had these experiences but don’t talk about it due to the fear of being ridiculed.”

He continues, “I interview people from all over on Skype and every culture I come across has these sort of ghost stories. How can you be so sure in your skepticism when it is so widespread and transcends cultures and creeds?”

“It sounds crazy, but seeing is believing,” Spencer concludes. “I don’t claim to have the answers, but I know that they’re something more out there.”

Check out Spencer’s show here and follow him here.

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