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Skype Is Everywhere – Even Oktoberfest!

Last month, Munich’s famous Oktoberfest opened its doors for the 180th time. On the first weekend thousands of lassies and lads came to visit and drank more than a million liters of beer and consumed 9 whole oxen.  

The Munich Beer festival counts more than six million visitors every year, but since many Oktoberfest fans cannot make it to the Bavarian capital city, they joined the Oktoberfest digitally – via Skype. Here are some ways Oktoberfest attendees brought friends and family to beer tents via Skype:



  • Let’s not forget about the traditional music that puts people in a good mood immediately. Video messages captured the atmosphere, so folks at home could take part and enjoy beer tent classics like DJ Ötzi or Wolfgang Petri.

P.S. Don’t forget to watch out for your smartphones! In 2011, an unbelievable 390 pieces were found when tidying up.


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