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Skype for Android 4.4 – A New Look for Tablets

Today, we’re proud to bring you Skype for Android, version 4.4. When we launched version 4.0 in July, we promised to bring the new UI experience to tablets too. Not only are we bringing it to Android tablets, but to the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX tablets as well.

Tablet users will now see a new interface that puts conversations first, displaying your most recent calls and chats. You will also enjoy all the quality and performance advancements that the total rewrite of version 4.0 brought to phone users.

Skype 4.4 tablet messaging

All Android users will enjoy improved video call quality in version 4.4. With good network conditions, you’ll experience up to four times the resolution of previous versions, with enhanced clarity and frame rates. Kindle Fire HD and HDX users will still enjoy hardware accelerated HD quality video.

In addition, Skype for Android 4.4 has several bug fixes and quality improvements:

  • Accessibility improvements with full support for TalkBack screen reader
  • Updates that address incoming call issues, including one that was causing phones to reboot
  • Additional changes to audio routing
  • Display and UX enhancements when switching orientation

You can download the update starting today in the Play Store. The update will be available for the Kindle Fire tablets later this month.

We’re always looking to improve your experience on Skype and pay close attention to your feedback. To get the latest news and tips, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or join us on the Skype Community.

One thought on “Skype for Android 4.4 – A New Look for Tablets

  1. fasckira said 3 years ago

    It’d be nice if there was a way in the IM stage if you could auto hide the the Skype tool bar along top, the username/online status bar at the top and the contacts bar to the left. Right now when I’m typing on a 7″ screen, so much screen space is gone that I’m essentially down to a small portion of the screen, very frustrating!

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