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Celebrate Family, Brazilian-Style, on Skype!

In many countries, a newborn baby and mother are cloistered away in the maternity ward for days on end without seeing other family members. Sometimes, not even the father is allowed to see the baby.

Not so in Brazil.

In the largest country in Latin America, it is customary for many friends and relatives to visit the hospital to meet the newcomer. It frequently becomes a bit of a party inside the room.

However, Brazil is a large country and Brazilians are increasingly moving to other parts of the nation to pursue their careers. There is also a large Brazilian community scattered around the world. These long distances make it tricky to have a welcoming party in the maternity ward with all of your friends and relatives.

But the tradition survives on Skype.

For example, Priscilla and Eduardo Camargo are from Brazil’s biggest city, São Paulo, but live in the Amazonian capital of Manaus. Priscilla recently gave birth to their first child, Gustavo, and they were disappointed having been nearly 4,000 kilometers away from their extended families. It was only right that their families should take part in the joyous occasion.

In years past, the Camargo’s relatives would have had to forgo their celebrations altogether. However, Priscilla’s sister, Patricia, knows every dimple on Gustavo’s cheeks and the sound he made when crying within his first hours of life – all through a Skype video call.

Patricia says, “I was even there to talk my younger sister through the beginnings of breastfeeding.”

Life gets faster and faster and it’s easier than ever to move far from home. But Skype is proud to know that we’re helping maintain traditions around the world and allow families to feel closer than ever, even when they are countries apart.

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