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Skype for Business Meetup Part 2: Austin

After a great meetup in Denver this past spring, the Skype for Business team couldn’t wait for the next stop – Austin, a city well known for its entrepreneurial spirit. True to their city’s reputation, a number of small business communities welcomed us to the city, including the Small Business Association, the Small Business Development Center and Conjuctured Coworking, to name a few.

Work Smarter, Grow Bigger, Be Anywhere

We’re holding these meetups around the country to empower and educate small business owners, sharing ways to work smarter, grow bigger and work from anywhere. Local business owners, entrepreneurs and those simply with the desire to learn joined us at Parkside Restaurant in downtown Austin to make it all happen. Here’s a quick look at some highlights from the evening:


Author and businessman extraordinaire Mike Michalowicz started off the evening with advice on growing businesses by cloning your best clients, including the “cringe factor” test and other bits of wisdom he gleaned in the trenches during his own early days of entrepreneurship. His stories sparked smart questions from the room, and attendees came away with several actionable tips and tricks for success.

An interactive demonstration then covered the ins and outs of working smarter with Skype, including ways small businesses can put features like screen sharing, Skype WiFi and Skype Numbers to work every day. We met and heard from Uberpong founder David Lowe, who uses Skype to save money on travel and to take his business global.  And of course, a handful of Skype-savvy attendees walked away with some fun giveaways, including copies of Mike’s latest book, The Pumpkin Plan.

We were fortunate to be joined that evening by Communication by Hand, a local sign language interpreting service (we loved hearing that they use Skype for business as well, to sign with some of their clients). Interpreters took the stage alongside the Skype for Business team and delivered our messages to members of the deaf community in the audience. We came away inspired to see so many people in the small business community come together.

We met a number of other interesting folks in Austin, and look forward to sharing their stories with you over the coming months.

If you’re in the New York area, we’d love to meet you at our next Skype for Business Meetup in NYC on October 1st!

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