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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors

We’re thrilled to announce our Skype Moment Makers Brand Ambassadors! After reviewing the hundreds of entries we chose these enthusiastic Skype advocates with outstanding creativity and dynamism to create innovative, groundbreaking and above all memorable moments using Skype. What’s best is you can join them and be part of the journey!

Yulady– Sport Brand Ambassador

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Yulady is passionate about bringing people together to experience the power of Yoga.  Using Skype, we’ll create a platform for fellow enthusiasts to get together to collaborate and discover more about the art of Yoga. She’s the perfect choice for our Sport Brand Ambassador!

Georgia – Film Brand Ambassador

georgia benjamin

Meet Georgia. She’s our film Brand Ambassador and we can’t wait to work with her to expand the ways in which Skype can enable her projects. You could be the star of Georgia’s next film – it’s just a Skype call away!

Mike – Travel Brand Ambassador

Mike Fingerframe

As our Travel Brand Ambassador, Mike, from Kick The Grind, will be sharing his insights and travel tips by answering your video messages and group video calls from around the world – he could speak to you from literally anywhere!

We can’t wait to create amazing experiences with our Brand Ambassadors and bring their passions to people around the world. Stay tuned at to find out ways to get involved and follow the stories.

Moment Makers is all about sharing wonderful moments, created every day using Skype. We’re always on the look out for more Moment Makers, so check out the Story Bank for inspiration and then share your ideas with us – we could be creating moments together very soon!

3 thoughts on “Meet Our Brand Ambassadors

  1. Very excited to be an ambassador for a brand I use and love so much!

  2. So excited to be part of this awesome brand. Can’t wait to see what magic we can create

  3. being a brand ambassador… must be awesome!

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