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How to become an IM Legend

Skype is well known for its free calls to anyone else on Skype and calls to mobiles and landlines at low rates. With all of that going on it’s easy to forget the great features Skype has for instant messaging. Today I’ll go into four of these features; font appearance, resizing the instant message area, tabbed chats and a “hidden” feature.

Also, if you prefer a keyboard to a microphone when it comes to communication, why not come drop us a message in the Skype Community?

Giving your font a personal touch

In Skype for Windows desktop you can change the size and type of your font to suit your taste. I’m a Helvetica Neue kind of person, myself. This also works great if you’re having trouble reading the default font.

To change the settings:

  1. In Skype, in the menu bar, go to Tools > Options
  2. In the Options window, select IM & SMS, then IM appearance and finally Change font
  3. Select the font settings you want to use then click Ok and Save

Allowing room for your instant messages to breathe

Are your instant messages all bunched up and do you have big areas of white space to the sides of them? Here’s a tip for resizing them that will help.

Hover your mouse cursor over the left or right borders of the instant message box

IM box

You’ll see your mouse cursor change from an arrow to a resize cursor


Click and drag left or right to resize your instant messages.

You’ve gotta keep ‘em separated – putting your chats in separate tabs

In case you didn’t know, Skype for Windows desktop offers two views which you can switch between. The Default view keeps everything neat in a single Skype window. The Compact view allows for great multitasking by putting each of your chats in a separate window.

To switch to the Compact view simply select Tools > Compact view in the Skype menu bar. Now you can open other chat windows by double clicking the contact or group chat name.

If you decide the Default view is more your style, you can switch back by selecting Tools > Default view in the menu bar.

Talking about yourself in the third person is cool, right?

You might want to use this next tip sparingly. To indicate what you’re thinking or doing in instant messages you can use /me followed by text. For example /me can’t wait for the weekend would result in

slash me

If you’re hungry for more instant messaging info, there’s lots more to read at Skype Support.

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