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Skype Helps Take Fantasy Football to the Next Level

For football fans everywhere, the start of the NFL season means that it’s time for Fantasy Football! Last week, our Skype Correspondent Jason Zone Fisher hosted the #MSFTFootball Fantasy Football League draft with a little help from Skype. The star-studded roster included the likes of: NBA star Baron Davis, NFL Network’s Jenn Brown, DJ Skee, and actors Rich Sommer and Michael B. Jordan.

Jason scoped out the scene and shared his initial favorites on Twitter.

JZF Tweet

Now that the teams are set, how will these players fare this season? Let’s hope they take notes from Jason: “Managing a Fantasy Football team with a busy schedule can be tough! Skype really helps to simplify the process, and make it a lot more fun.”

Here are a few ways you can manage your league like a pro this season:

  • Coaching like a champ – Talking lineup strategy with a friend is easy using Skype’s Screen sharing feature. You can show your buddy whatever you have up on your screen — including that awesome new roster you have planned.
  • Monday morning quarterbacking – With Skype WiFi, you can catch up on the analysis while you’re at the airport or even sneak a peek on your mobile phone in class or at the office. Pay by the minute with your existing Skype credit, so there’s no need to for that pricey WiFi day pass.
  • Talking smack – Fantasy football isn’t as much fun without the smack talk. With IM or Skype texting, it’s easy to banter with your opponents while on the go. Just leave Skype running in your phone’s background and you’ll be ready to gloat when your wide receiver makes that game-winning catch.

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