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Introducing Working Smarter with Skype, a new video series

Skype’s community of business users is filled with men and women like you, who are experts in launching and growing entrepreneurial ventures. We’ve profiled many in this blog, and literally thousands more are out there pursuing their dreams on their own terms. It’s an inspiring group.

Working Smarter with Skype

Since it doesn’t make sense to let so much knowledge and experience go to waste, we’d like to share it. That’s why we’re thrilled today to launch Working Smarter with Skype, a series of new videos featuring tips and information to help your business thrive, from other people who use Skype in their work lives.

The idea is to present specific, actionable advice and insights so you can create a professional life you feel passionate about, ensure you never stop learning, and define what success means to you – and make that a reality.

The first video features Mike Michalowicz, a well-known entrepreneur and business consultant. You might recognize him from his books, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and The Pumpkin Plan, or from his appearances in Entrepreneur magazine and MSNBC, among other media outlets.

Mike’s got some really perceptive things to say about the role of fear in fueling business growth, and will let you in on the one book he recommends entrepreneurs read.

Check it out and let us know what you think. You can give us your reactions and ask questions in the blog comments and in our other social channels, including Facebook, YouTubeTwitter and LinkedIn (you can join our Skype for Business group and follow our company page on LinkedIn). We’ll link to Mike’s video and upcoming ones in those places too.

If you feel inspired, you can post videos on YouTube with your own tips and ideas, using the tag #skype4biz. We’d love to hear from you!

You’ll see new videos every few weeks. In between, we encourage you to join the conversation with us and with your fellow “Skype for business” users.

Enjoy the videos!

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