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10 Amazing Skype Stories Captured on Video

It’s hard to believe that Skype has existed for 10 whole years, but – at the same time – it’s even harder to imagine life before Skype. Over this last decade, the little startup from Estonia came to change they way  we interact with the people who are most important to us, no matter where they are.

Check out our list of the 10 most memorable Skype video moments from our first decade:

1. Skype Scavenger Hunt with One Direction

Whether you’re a “Directioner” or not, seeing the British boy band phenomenon do a scavenger hunt in separate rooms while being beamed onto live TV is proof that the future has arrived. The “virtual handshake” was a nice touch too.

2. Soldier Watches Baby Born Over Skype

Witnessing the birth of your first child is one the most profound moments in life. And missing their child’s birth is an all-to-common sacrifice made by our military service members. We are honored to be able to play a role to help people bridge the distance during this special occasion.

3. First Skype Call from the Top of Mt. Everest

OK, so it was cool that you used Skype to have a Video Call with your sister when she was an exchange student in Spain or talk to your grandfather in Korea – but Daniel Hughes took Skype a much level higher, all the way to highest point on earth. Oh yeah, and he raised a bunch of money for charity in the process.

4. Singers Create Global Skype Choir

Why sing to yourself in the shower when you can join others on Skype to create a virtual choir? Composer and conductor Eric Whitacre organized this feat with professional singers from around the world for a TED presentation. We may be biased, but it sounds pretty fantastic.

5. Couple Ties the Knot over Skype

Can’t be in the same place at the same time for your wedding vows? Separated by military enlistment, work commitments and a bunch of times zones? This couple, and many others like them, took the leap over Skype. We couldn’t be happier to help them on their way to marital bliss.

6. Peter Pan Live via Skype in Children’s Hospital

Peter Pan is one of the most popular children’s stories of all time. For kids who can’t make it to the theater themselves, Skype makes it possible for Captain Hook and friends to pay the kids a visit and brighten their spirits with this timeless tale.

7. Portraits of Far-Flung Families Recreated with Skype

We live in a world with ever more immigration and mobility, but that doesn’t change our longing to be close to family and friends. Artist John Clang had the vision to combine Skype with a video projector to put far-flung relatives “side-by-side” to shoot “The Impossible Family Portrait.”

8. Beyoncé Surprises Aspiring Musician on Skype 

Poland’s DJ Jimek gets a surprise visit on Skype from none other than Beyoncé to let him know that he won an online music competition. Not a bad surprise. And he seems less than upset that it is the middle of the night in Poland when she calls.

9. CNN’s First Report on Skype for Travelers 

This is one of the very first times that CNN did a story on Skype, back when we were just a baby. What was once a novelty worthy of discussion on a news show is now a standard way to interview and host guests on news and talk shows around the world.

10. Classrooms in Kenya and Texas Meet on Skype

We used to have pen pals and a semester abroad during college. Now even elementary school students can meet kids from other cultures on any old day of the week. This Skype Call between classrooms in Kenya and Texas will make even the most cynical of us feel optimistic about the future of humanity.

We can’t wait to see what will happen in the next ten years.

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