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War Veterans Movie Shows Power of Human Connection

“This is a small movie about a really big subject,” says Martin Papazian of his film LEAST AMONG SAINTS. Martin wrote, directed and starred in this story about an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who takes on a new mission: caring for a boy from a broken home back in the US.

Martin explains, “I believe that the challenges experienced by veterans returning home is one of the most significant issues of our generation.”

The filmmakers took LEAST AMONG SAINTS on “an aggressive grassroots screening campaign to raise awareness about the film and the issues facing our veterans.” It showed at numerous colleges and also at military bases from Camp Pendleton in California to Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida.

The filmmakers used group video calls for nationwide Q&A sessions with Martin to benefit nonprofits organizations that provide support and services to returning veterans including The Gary Sinise Foundation, Operation Homefront, and Give An Hour.

Martin says, “As the movie’s plot develops, bit by bit, Anthony [the main character] becomes the man he once hoped to be as he comes to grips with both the costs of war and the power of human connection.”

It is that importance of human connection that inspired Martin and the producers of the film to create a video tribute to military veterans featuring the song “Find Your Way Back Home” by singer and songwriter Charlie Hirsch. Check out a short version of the video here:

As for the song, Charlie says, “ The tune applies to anyone who is far away from home and missing someone or something that they love. It also makes me think of Skype and how it helps you to reconnect with those people.”

Audiences have recognized LEAST AMONG SAINTS for its impact. It was awarded General Electric’s prestigious healthymagination award, received a Prism Award Nomination for Best Feature, the “Audience Award Choice Award” for best feature at the Sedona International Film Festival and both the Jury Prize and “Audience Choice Award” at the Prescott Film Festival.

“This movie was a very personal journey for all of us who brought it to life,” says Martin. “It’s amazing to see thousands of people deeply moved by this film and for it to be embraced as a messenger of hope for veterans and organizations honoring our wounded warriors.”

Learn more about the film or watch it online at

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