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Teens Get Scoop on Simon Cowell Through Vloggers & Video Messaging

Talent judge Simon Cowell faced a tough examination when YouTube stars Joe Sugg and Meghan Camarena asked their teen fans in the US and UK to send in questions for the music mogul using Skype video messaging. In a wide-ranging interview at Simon’s LA mansion, it quickly became apparent that the new Skype feature is not only perfect for sharing moments with friends – it’s also ideal for putting celebrities on the spot!

Simon revealed a host of fascinating insights with Meghan, Joe and You Generation’s Will Best about his life and career, but the highlight for the vloggers was being challenged by the man behind global superstars like One Direction to share some of their talents in an impromptu rap. How do you think they did? Check out their videos below to find out!

Joe, whose travel series on Youtube has been a huge hit, said, “This was definitely a new travel adventure for me! It was brilliant to visit LA and meet Simon Cowell in person. I was blown away by just how many people sent in video messages. Thanks, Skype – and thanks, Simon!”

Meghan added, “We’d both like to say thanks to everyone who sent in a Skype video message. We had a blast watching them with Will and they certainly made Simon think – as did our musical performance. Next time we’ll nail it!”

Of course, Simon had the last word by asking Meghan and Joe if they’ve kissed. Well, have they? Watch the full Ask Simon video below.

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