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10 Questions Answered for Skype’s 10th Anniversary

My my, how time flies when you’re having fun! Ten years ago, in Estonia, a small group of people started something really big. They started a journey which, so far, has taken us to the top of Mount Everest, the Arctic and around the world on a daily basis. Next week marks Skype’s tenth anniversary and today I have the pleasure of kicking off the celebration. For the next ten days we’ll be celebrating everything that has made this decade something wonderful to be a part of.


 As my contribution to our 10th Anniversary celebrations, I’ll be taking a look at 10 common questions that we hear about Skype. There’s a lot to cover so let’s dive right in!

1.  How do I find friends and add them as contacts?

No matter who or where your friends are in the world, there’s a good chance that they use Skype. Finding and adding them as contacts isn’t always easy though. You can use a friend’s Skype Name, their email address or their name to find them in the Skype Directory.

There are a lot of people who use Skype though, so it can be tough to find the right person. Searching by Skype Name is the easiest, followed by email address and then name. If you know their phone number you can call them using a little Skype Credit and ask for their Skype Name to help you add them as a contact.

Learn more about adding a contact in Skype for Windows desktop. This article is also available for other devices, as you can see at the top of the page.

If you’d like to make some new friends to talk to on Skype, why not drop into the Skype Community and say hello?

2.  How do I get started using Skype?

Well, first things first, you need to download Skype onto your device.

The next step is to create an account, if you don’t already have one.

Once you have used your account to sign in to Skype on your device, the next step is to add some contacts. See my earlier answer in this post for tips on how to do that.

Once you have a few contacts, it’s time for you to start calling, sending messages or sharing files and screens. If you’re having trouble finding your way around Skype, why not do a search on Skype Support?

3.  How do I configure my audio settings?

This is a tough problem to solve because there are a lot of things that can cause issues with your audio setup.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that there must be a working microphone and speakers on both sides of the call. For example, if your friend can’t hear you it could be a problem with your microphone or with their speakers, or both!

I wrote a basic guide to diagnosing audio issues recently on this blog which is a good place to start. If you’re still having difficulty, Skype Support has a guide on solving call quality problems.

If you feel like you’ve read it all and still need a little help, you can also always ask your question in the Skype Community.

One final tip: Sometimes you need to get on a Skype call in a hurry. If you’re experiencing audio issues and you have access to a mobile or tablet, try using Skype on that device until you can resolve the problem on your main device.

4.  How do I configure my video settings?

Before you start your call you can test to see whether your video is working in Skype for Windows desktop and Skype for Mac.

If you find your video isn’t working, start with the basics such as turning your device off and back on again and checking that your webcam is plugged in. If none of that helps there are more steps you can take to troubleshoot video problems.

Just like with audio problems, if you’ve gone through the troubleshooting guide and nothing worked, help is at hand in the Skype Community.

5.  Why can’t I connect to Skype?

The first thing to do is check the Heartbeat blog to make sure Skype’s services are all running well. If there are no issues reported there, it’s time to look a little closer to home for the source of the problem.

From shaky internet connections, to installation problems and firewalls, there are many potential causes for connection issues with Skype. The Skype Support team have put together a guide to solving the most common connection problems.

6.  How does Skype make money?

When I mention I work at Skype I often get asked how Skype makes money. We are so well known for free Skype-to-Skype audio and video calls, instant messaging, screen sharing and file sending that people forget some of the other features we offer that cost a little.

Using Skype Credit or a subscription, you can make low cost calls to landlines and mobiles. You can also send text messages, buy a Skype Number so your friends can call you and you can answer in Skype, or set up Skype To Go™ for your friends so you can call them when you’re abroad.

With Skype WiFi you can connect to public WiFi hotspots around the world and pay for the minutes that you need using your Skype Credit.

7.  How do I reset my password?

The steps to reset your password depend, among other things, on how you sign in to Skype.

If you signed in with your Skype Name you can reset your password on the Forgotten your password page.

If you signed into Skype using your Microsoft account, you can reset your password using the steps on the Microsoft account page.

If you signed into Skype with your Facebook account and forgot your password, you can find instructions on resetting it on this Facebook page.

If you’re still having difficulty, take a look at this guide to resetting your password.

8.  What steps can I take for better quality calls?

In December last year I did three blog posts on getting the best quality for your Skype calls and those tips are still valuable today. There are tips on preparing for a great Skype call, how the right hardware can improve your call quality and which network to use for best quality.

If you’re short on time to read those articles, the single best thing you can do to improve your call quality on Skype is to improve your internet connection. Poor audio and video quality as well as delays on calls are mostly caused by a poor connection. Remember, a wired connection beats WiFi and WiFi beats a mobile data connection.

9.  What devices can I use Skype on?

Skype is available on a wide range of devices, from computers, mobiles and tablets to home phones, TVs and more. For full details, visit the Skype download page.

10.  How can I get support for Skype?

There are lots of ways you can get support for Skype. On Skype Support you can find over 600 FAQs on all things related to Skype. In the Skype Community you can join over one million community members and make use of their knowledge to answer your questions.

If you’re all about social media, you can also check out the Skype Facebook page or tweet @SkypeSupport.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, or you’d like to speak to us about a specific problem, you can contact Customer Service.

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