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Mastering the Status Quo

Recently I’ve seen several questions and comments around Skype Support that have to do with status and the online/offline state of contacts. Why is the video call button being pale green and unclickable? What does it mean when the icon left of a contact’s name is yellow? Just what is that little orange dot to the right of a contact’s name? Today I’ll be answering all of these questions and more.

If you already know the answers to all the above questions, we’d love for you to join in the Skype Community and share your Skype knowledge with others.

The video call button is pale green and I can’t click it, what’s up with that?

In order to complete a video call, Skype needs to be able to establish a connection between you and your contact. If Skype can’t do that, the video call button fades to pale green and clicking it does nothing. Usually this is because your contact is either offline or has set their status to invisible. If your contact is offline or invisible, they will show in your contact list with a white icon.

When your contacts are offline you can still send them video messages, voice messages or call them on their landline or mobile using a little Skype Credit.

The icon next to my contact’s name is yellow, what does that mean?

The yellow icon indicates that your contact has set their status to Away. Either they set their status manually or Skype is set up to change their status after they’ve been inactive for a while. You can still send them messages and attempt to call them, but if they’re away from their computer they might not answer right away.

Learn more about your status options in Skype for Windows desktop.

What about the orange dot to the right of my contact’s name? Can you explain that?

I sure can. That orange dot means you have unread messages from that contact.

It could be an instant message they’ve sent you, a file they’ve tried to transfer or even a notification of their birthday. Simply click on their name to see what they sent you and reply. The new-message indicator will now be gone until they send you something else.

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