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Skype Video Messaging Asks Simon About the Upcoming 1D Album, His Quirky Habits & More

Using the power of Skype’s exciting new video messaging feature, thousands of teens across the UK and US recorded their questions for Simon Cowell, asking the legendary music and TV mogul everything from career advice to the latest on the world’s hottest boy band, One Direction.

So what did the world’s most notorious talent judge have to reveal?

Simon revealed that his quirkiest habit is counting numbers in his head – even while walking up stairs, he counts steps and the last number can’t be 13.  Among other juicy insights, he also discloses that his favorite cereal is Cheerios, he loves to ride horses and his biggest fear is a shark getting into his bath.

We’re not going to give too much away here – you’ll have to watch the video below for that – but Simon definitely didn’t disappoint. He shared some seriously strange fan requests, and yes, dropped some exciting news about the new 1D album.

Simon’s celeb friends also got to ask their burning questions, with Little Mix and Demi Lovato posing some particularly tricky queries. Watch the video to see what they along with stars including Sharon Osborne and Leona Lewis had in store for him.

Admitting to feeling a little apprehensive, Simon faced the selection of video messages in Los Angeles in an interview hosted by You Generation’s Will Best and rising young Youtube stars Meghan Camerena and Joe Sugg. But he hasn’t got to where he is today by backing down from a challenge: “Sometimes you’ve just got to throw yourself in the lion’s den,” he told Will before the interview.

We know you’re keen to find out exactly what Simon had to say, so check out the full show below!

Your turn

Want to give Skype video messaging a go yourself? Will Best shows you how in this short yet incredibly handy video.

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