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Friend of Skype, Pippa Lord, the Ultimate Lifestyle Expert

Guest blogger Pippa Lord is the Editor in Chief of Sous Style and a Friend of Skype.

Hey, let me introduce myself! My name is Pippa Lord. I’m so excited to be a Friend of Skype (F.O.S.) because I’m all about the ‘work smart, not hard’ approach to life and Skype is my go-to power tool. I’ve lived in New York City for more than eight years, working in fashion magazines.

I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia (can you hear the accent?), so Skype has enabled me to stay in touch with the ones I love back home, and to stay informed of things happening all around the world. From helping my mom pick out an outfit for a date (true story: it was her first date since forever!) to convincing my BFF that she didn’t make a complete fool of herself in front of her #1 crush (another true story), video calling has enabled me to have authentic connections with the ones I love and miss.

In my other life, I am the founder of Sous Style — a lifestyle site for a new generation of homemakers. We aim to inspire and share cool stuff with readers. When I think of Skype, I feel like I’m thinking of a friend, because it helps me be the ultimate connector for sharing stories and introducing readers to inspiration.

But it’s not just about the warm and fuzzies: Skype is a necessary tool in my day job as Editor in Chief of a site that is obsessed with trends, even before they are trending! And, until I’m given endless air travel miles (oh hey, Richard Branson), I’ll continue to connect with others via Skype — and connect you to all the cool people I meet.

Had enough of me yet? No? Great, because I’ll be here sharing the latest happenings in culture, food and style – so stay tuned!

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