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Jason Zone Fisher Gives You the Backstage Pass You’ve Always Wanted

Guest Blogger Jason Zone Fisher is Skype’s new Correspondent.

I am fired up to be Skype’s new Pop Culture Correspondent. It’s a dream job, and the best part: I’ll bring you with me everywhere I go – from Hollywood premieres to Comic-Con to the sidelines of a football game. If I have a backstage pass, you have a backstage pass.

My first love always has been sports. Growing up a Cleveland sports fan hasn’t been easy at times, but it definitely has made me stronger! I was lucky enough to turn that passion into a career, hosting shows about my beloved Cleveland Browns and “Tailgate 48” on the Big Ten Network. Be on the lookout for some all-access coverage into the world of sports.

Movies? I can’t get enough. As Skype’s Correspondent, I’ve already had the chance to hang out on the Iron Man 3 red carpet with Robert Downey Jr. and a group of real heroes: U.S. Military servicemen and women. I visited New York to hang with the pitmaster behind the world-famous Blue Smoke BBQ and was lucky enough to get a (much-needed) style makeover by twin fashion designers, the Faherty brothers. Movie premieres, food festivals and makeovers?  It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Truly, the best thing about working with Skype is that I actually use it. Since moving to LA four years ago, I’ve relied on video calling to visit with my family back home in Cleveland. When I’m out on the road, I like to send video messages to let my friends know what they’re missing. It’s incredible what you can capture in three minutes!

Working with Skype brings together everything I love – like I said, a dream job!  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my memories with you.  We’re going to have fun!

What would you like me to cover next? Tweet @Skype, @JZFish (me!) or post to Facebook to let me know!

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