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Skype Stage Play to Premiere Off Broadway

Growing up in Amsterdam, Michael de Roos long dreamed of studying acting in New York City. In 2010, only two weeks after arriving in the Big Apple, he had a fateful meeting with actress/singer/playwright Jody Christopherson.

Photo by: Anna Flores

They met at a theater production in Brooklyn where Jody was performing. The two had an instant creative connection and spent long hours talking about their interests in music and acting. By the time the sun came up over outer boroughs, they had formed what was to become their “indie folk beat-box rock band” called Greencard Wedding.

Over the next two years, they worked, practiced, played music and eventually lived together.

“But in December of 2012, my visa ran out,” Michael says. “I had to move back to Holland. This could have been the end of Greencard Wedding. But stubborn as we are, we decided to keep on working together.”

Jody explains, “So, we started practicing together over Skype – Michael in Amsterdam and me in New York – and we soon realized there was a stage play to be made out of this experience. But on a deeper level, the play is really about connecting with other people.”

She continues, “We didn’t even have a full script, but we had a good concept. We wrote a proposal for The New York International Fringe Festival and got in.

The result is the one-and-a-half hour “The Skype Show or See You in August” which will run from August 9th through 25th at “The White Box at 440 Studios” in New York City’s East Village.

The festivals describe the show, “This live Skype call is a testament to how technology can transcend boundaries, uniting artists and their audience.”

“We’ve done all of the rehearsals over Skype,” Michael says, “it’s really wild as Jody and the director, Aaron Simms, and crew are in New York, but I’m all by myself on the other end of the Skype Call. It seems like we’re all together, but then when they call for a break, I realize that I’m on my own. And it is just so surreal that this is happening and it going to actually premiere in a few days.” (Check out a video showing their rehearsal here.)

Jody points out, “It is like two shows together in one. I am doing a play live in the theater and Michael is part of a live movie as he’s shown via Skype projected onto the wall.”

Michael says, “This is a show about the falling apart of something special, and out of that reconstructing something new with all the leftover pieces. And it even has a twist at the end.”

If you are in New York or will be there between August 9th and 25th, get tickets to The Skype Show here.

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