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PC Camera Issues Solved with Skype Settings

New computers – like new cars – often have a few kinks to work out on the path toward optimal performance.

While it can become a long and torturous process to resolving hardware issues, sometimes there are ingenious workarounds involving Skype.

Recently we’ve seen chatter about camera issues with some types of PC laptops popular in the business world.

A few of the things users are saying include:

“The LED light is on when I start the camera, but no images show up. I checked the driver, and it’s already the latest version. The camera was working at the beginning when I got my laptop, but I don’t know what happened to it.”

“Bought the laptop 1 month ago. Some days ago the system updated, without even asking me for confirmation and the built-in camera stopped.”

It can be a difficult road to fixing these camera issues from a hardware approach. You may have to send your laptop abroad and wait for repairs and there have also been reports of disagreement over responsibility between the computer manufacturers and the third-party camera manufacturers. But, in the meantime, crafty Skype users have found a work-around that solves this issue. It is a problem caused by a global setting which can be solved by changing a local setting in Skype for Windows 8.

The solution:

Open Skype-> Tools-> Options-> Video setting-> Webcam settings, then *uncheck* Privacy.

That’s it. A nice, clean solution to get your camera up and running. Let us know how it works for you.

3 thoughts on “PC Camera Issues Solved with Skype Settings

  1. What about on Windows 7? been having this issue a while now and there’s no *uncheck* Privacy option.

  2. My 2 year old Win 7 Dell Inspiron laptop with built-in webcam wouldn’t stay connected while using Skype. I tried deleting the cam from device manager and re-booting to re-install the cam and re-installing Skye multiple times before giving up.
    One day, I pushed the screen past 90 degrees and the cam stayed connected. I believe there is a loose connection in the screen top. Pushing the top past to about 130 degrees, let the webcam connect and then moving it back to around 90 degrees solves my problem.

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