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Royal Baby Sparks Spike on Skype

Unless you’ve been on an extended summer camping trip far from any type of media and other human beings, you’ve heard all about the Royal Baby (aka George Alexander Louis aka His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge aka the focus of 90% of the internet right now).

Many fans of the royal family spent days waiting outside of St. Mary’s Hospital in central London for any updates on the birth. Yesterday morning, official news of the arrival of the 8 pound, 6 ounce baby boy shot around the globe.

Not only did the story make headlines in pretty much every media publication on the planet, but it seems that people were just as excited to share the news directly with each other. Skype reported a king-sized 55 percent increase in global Skype-to-Skype minutes yesterday over the same Monday last year (July 23, 2012).

Which other country, beyond the United Kingdom, was most fascinated by the arrival of his Royal Highness?

The United States takes the crown as there were more paid Skype calls made yesterday between the U.S. and U.K than between any other country and the U.K.

Feel like you missed out on the initial coverage? Never fear. You can call a friend on Skype and catch up on everything and anything that has to do with the first 24 hours of Prince George. And remember: there’s a good chance you’ll hear more about this kid in the tabloids for, say, pretty much every day of the rest of his life.

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